Saturday, February 17, 2018

Whole Lotta Climbing Going On

A lot of climbing on today's bike club ride.  4,137 feet to be precise.  We did Clayton, Crothers, Whitman, Suncrest, and Sierra.  Here we are on Clayton.  Miss P. was able to join us today.  Yay!

There goes Dancer and Prancer.  Actually there were 5 of them on Crothers but I couldn't get my camera out of my pocket fast enough for a group shot.  A few minutes earlier, we were harassed, harassed I tell ya, by a lone deer who thought he was a bull.  I kid you not.  He stormed after us before deciding to give it up.  Certainly no Bambi.

Donny and another fella stuck with me, how sweet, as we climbed Whitman and Suncrest, neither pictured.  We came across The Boyfriend descending Suncrest.  He had never done Suncrest before so he biked beyond the turnaround point. Impressive since that involved more climbing!  I was waving at him but it took him awhile to figure out who the crazed chick on a bike was .... He definitely was enjoying all these climbs he had not done before. The photo is somewhere on Sierra.  Oh boy, I had to walk parts of Sierra.  I was pretty much spent.

Another shot of Sierra.

It seemed like an eternity but I finally got to the summit on Sierra and made my merry way to the other side for more stunning views.  Lots of cyclists out today enjoying the fine weather.

Aww, Alpaca somewhere on Sierra Road.  Lots of them hanging out in a field.  Boy, this was probably the most challenging ride I've done all season.  It was sweet to have Donny's company.  I was pleased to learn that The Boyfriend only had to wait 45 minutes for me to return to his car at the finish.  I'm pooped but pleased with today's outing.

Just the Stats:

35.42 miles
31.5 mph descending
8.7 mph avg
4 hr 4 min.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

To the Lighthouse

The long and winding road ... here I am alone on quiet Cloverdale Road.  The Boyfriend and Miss P are sick and couldn't do the ride.  I know what that's like, having been sick myself for the last week and a half.  Donny and the rest of the club members (including Ray!) are way ahead of me, of course.  But that's okay.  It's unbelievably warm here in  La Honda and Pescadero.  I'm remembering the fantastic weather The Boyfriend and I had as well last weekend in Big Sur.  We had a magical time cycling Highway 1 starting from Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park to Gorda, a sweet tiny town and the stopping point (the road is no more but will be one day).  We took hundreds of photos from our hike and biking adventures.  I couldn't figure out which photos to share or what to write; it was simply too overwhelming to capture in a blog.  We stayed at the Fernwood Resort, cheapest place in town.  It was nice.

Back to the present.  We started in La Honda by Jack's restaurant. I finally caught up to the gang for our picnic lunch at Pigeon Point Lighthouse!  From then on, I mostly was able to stay with the group.  I pushed myself a lot. 

Ha, that is what remains of the failed alien attack upon our shores.  Oh alrighty, if you look closely, you'll see a few Brussel Sprouts on the stalks.  This was on Bean Hollow.

Entering Pescadero soon after a short time on Highway 1.  Boy the day got warmer and warmer.  There were a lot of cyclists and motorcyclists taking advantage of the weather.  Can I just say that motorcycles are incredibly noisy and take away from quiet beauty of the area.

We breezed through Pescadero and continued climbing Stage.  Yay, we get to descend for awhile.  Boo, we have to climb some more.  We passed San Gregorio store and kept climbing Stage until it dead ends with Highway 1.  One of the fellas kept me distracted.  That really helped to keep me going. After Stage, we rode 8 miles on La Honda back to the start.  Nothing like fabulous weather and the beautiful Northern California coast to make you feel alive and happy.

Just the Stats:

45.87 miles
10.7 avg mph
33.5 mph descending
4 hr. 15 min.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Detour to Del Valle

Arriving at the park in Livermore, we were greeted with chilly fog and gray skies. No worries some said. It'll blow off soon.  I was skeptical.  Lo and behold, this was how the club ride began with sun and blue skies.  Today's club ride was to take us from Livermore to Tracy and over Patterson Pass. 

Hmm, I kept wondering, that looks pretty thick and we're headed that way.  Still, it was beautiful.  I kept stopping to take photos and thus, the gang was way ahead of me.  We had two tandems on today's ride.

I never tire of the cotton candy (my name for it). Then again, I'm usually observing it safely in a vehicle.  The sun shone again but still I wondered what was around the next corner.  Well, it got worse.  And denser. And then, really bad climbing Tesla Road.  My glasses were fogged up.  I could barely see cars coming in the opposite direction.  The trees dripped on me.  I wasn't cold thanks to the many layers of wool I wore along with a jacket but still, it wasn't particularly enjoyable.  And of course the wind kicked in making the bike wobbly.  Suddenly I was at the summit being greeted by the gang who waited for me!  A wise decision was made to turn back.  It was too dangerous.

 Once back down, we decided to turn on Mines and do Del Valle!  I've always wanted to do that climb as well as visit the park.  So, all was not lost.  And once again, the sky was blue and the sun shone. 

The climb was beautiful.  I forgot to mention that back in the danger zone, some bozo overtook another car and almost hit me.  Luckily you didn't hear what came streaming out of my mouth.

We crossed this bridge!  We went to the visitor center and learned about the flood back in 1986.  I guess today was all about the weather.

The descent was super and not technically difficult. Great views and yes, more of the cotton candy.  Sure enough, when we got nearer to the end, we were once again greeted with chilly foggy weather that blew in rapidly.  We were fortunate for the most part.  As I told The Boyfriend, who had just landed at SFO,  it was epic, as in, close to being a disaster.  He thought we had great weather since on the plane flying up the coast from San Diego, all looked gorgeous.  Ha ha ha.  I think I'll make him clean my muddy bike....

Just the Stats:

34.86 miles
30.5 mph descent
10.1 avg mph
3 hr 26 min.