Sunday, July 16, 2017

Heating Up with my hiking buddies

Oh the joy of another hot day.  Because I just didn't get enough yesterday, the story of my life, with the heat and climbing Henry Coe, I joined my hiking friends to tackle Santa Teresa County Park in the afternoon.  Crazy, no?  They are training for their annual Mammoth Lakes sojourn in September.  Me, I just show up because I feel like it.  Train for anything?  Don't make me laugh.  I believe I did keep them entertained with my best Carrie Bradshaw imitation and amusing conversation....  Can you see Mt. Ham in the distance?

Wow, I loved this park.  The entrance is the Pueblo Day Use turn off on Bernal.  I climb Bernal on the road bike now and then but never even thought about the park.  If you happen to be on your road bike, take a left and go the half mile (mile?) or so to the parking lot to refill your water bottles or use the restroom.  It's a climb out but not particularly hard, I think.  Apparently this is also a park for mountain bikers.  Our climb today began on rocky terrain, so, I guess there is some technical difficulty for mountain bikers. 

I certainly plan to return in the winter, when, a)  the land is green, and b) it's not 102 degrees.  My car registered 105.  We were fortunate to have a breeze.  The views are spectacular.  I only managed to do 4 miles.  The gang intended to do another 4-6 miles.  What another gem in our lovely valley.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Heating Up with The Boyfriend

Another hot weekend.  Today's club ride included Coyote Creek Trail, Thomas Grade and Henry Coe.  Mr. D. listed the start time for 9am.  The Boyfriend wisely suggested that we depart at 8am to beat the heat. 

Bunnies were in abundance on the trail.  While climbing Henry Coe, a deer flew (pranced? hopped? sprung?) over a hill and landed right in front of me.  Whoa!  And then darted off.  Really Mr. Deer, did you have to choose that particular moment to cross the road?  I suppose it thought, "Yo babe, you're in my way."  Luckily neither of us got injured. 

As I neared the top of Henry Coe, The BF was coming down.  He had only waited 15 minutes. Well, he got an earful from me for not waiting.    He thought maybe I wasn't going to make it to the top.  Ha ha ha.  Listen Mister, Miss P. and I survived Mt. Ham last weekend.  He was proud of me and in awe, as are most men.  Ha ha ha.  Well, basically I told him if he knew what was good for him, he better be singing my praises.  Ha ha ha.  He climbed the last little bit again with me.  Thank you! On the way down, we met Donny and Joan climbing.  We both did well especially in the heat.  And I'm glad I listened to The BF about getting an early start.

Just the Stats:

46.54 miles
9.3 avg mph
33.5 mph descent
4 hr 59 minutes

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Sassy Saltines

Note to Self:  Why?

Why did we choose to climb Mt. Ham to the Lick Observatory today when temperatures soared into the upper 90s?

It certainly was challenging in the heat. I didn't take photos but along the way, in the lower section, we had to pause at a stop light (the road washed out from winter rains; thus, only a single lane remains) and we also passed areas blackened and bleak from grass fires.  But here and there, a flower bloomed.

The last four miles were brutal because of the heat.  I wasn't the only one stopping numerous times. Despite all, I managed to get up in my usual time of 3 hours. My best was 2 hr. 40 min. a long time ago in another galaxy.

While I waited for Miss P., I met a fella.  No!  Of course.  A motorcyclist who kept me entertained.  I also met a couple who were looking for the other observatory.  Hmm, the other observatory?  They and my motorcyclist were in awe of us climbing Mt. Ham.  Miss P. arrived at the top looking quite pink and salty.  Just call us sassy saltines.  When I returned to my car, it registered 107 degrees.  What a day.