Sunday, March 19, 2017

As Time Goes By

Lookey, it's the mark of Zorro, side entrance to SF Opera House. Miss P. and I are here again on a Sunday afternoon for the SF Ballet season.  Afterwards, back home after taking BART, Miss. P. showed me how to check my car's tire pressure.  How cool is that.

Here's me a few weeks ago cycling in Hollister with The Boyfriend. I haven't posted much to my blog the last several months, mainly because while I still consider myself amusing, I haven't been inspired to to write about and share the funny moments of my life.  Perhaps, I may once again feel inclined to document my comings and goings, if only for myself.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Hiking in the New Year

Two days ago, I finally got on the road bike, having been off for awhile due to illness and cold weather.  I had to bundle up. Like the weenie I am.  I knew this would be the first time in a long time that I would not bike Mt Hamilton on New Year's Day.  Just too cold for me.  The BF, sick with the flu, has been out of the picture, too.

What to do, what to do.  Well, Miss P. suggested while on our club bike ride the other day that we consider a hike.  Perfect!  I can handle that.  But we had to select a park free of any aliens especially if I am going to get out of my pajamas, and make the effort to return to exercising.  I don't want any close encounters....

We agreed upon Rancho Canada del Oro, a hike I did a year ago.  Good choice.   On the drive into the park, I had to brake for, wait, wait for it, no not aliens but several turkeys!  We did encounter a lot of funny looking mushrooms; I tried not to think they might be incubating tiny aliens.  We met some people who thought we might be bird watchers.  No, more like alien watchers.  They were out to burn off the bubbly.

This is a beautiful park to hike with gradual climbs that take you way up towards the sky, along with a lot of photo ops.  Like the one above.  My first impression was, "It's a toilet seat for the outdoors."  I don't know why I have the thoughts I have.  We also saw signs about restoration in progress for areas affected by one of the fires from last year.

We came across several trees whose limbs had split; possibly signs of alien invasion ... anyway, good to get out and enjoy our open space.  We did just about 5 miles and plan to return to do a different hike, plus, we hope to explore other parks in the coming months.  I've never hiked in Mt. Hamilton for instance. Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Continuing the Christmas Tradition

I'm not one for traditions but for whatever reason, I started going to Half Moon Bay every Christmas. 

This is the second year that Miss P. joined me.  She indulged my desire to explore a section of the coastal trail that I've been meaning to do forever.  She also drove and that was really nice.

I've always wanted to walk to the Ritz Carlton and this year, my wish was granted.

We walked and walked, sometimes on the cliffs, sometimes on the beach.  Parts of the beaches were not accessible because the tide had come in.  But, anywhere you find yourself in this area is simply stunning. 

We kept walking in the direction towards Pescadero, and at some point, moved a little ways inland.  We passed a farm where they are obviously breeding, wait wait for it, yes, aliens. Also known as Brussel sprouts.  It was a surprise and a delight.

Here I am, having survived the invasion of the body snatchers, also known as the aliens masked in Brussel Sprouts stalks.

We saw a rabbit dart across the path.  We saw a few humans, too. I'm still surprised we didn't see any aliens but I guess they have not hatched from the pods.  We saw some odd signs, one for instance mentioning if you didn't see the sheriff, then, leave a note.  Okey dokey.  We ended up walking 8 miles, an easy accomplishment when faced with breathtaking scenery.  Another splendid outing, peaceful and calming.  This is how I like spending Christmas.