Saturday, April 19, 2014

The Tortoise and the Hare

The Boyfriend's in town.  I told him he could ride me, oops, I mean, he could come on a ride with me.

Boy, he was on fire, shot off and left me in the dust.  But, really, that was okay because there were lots of cyclists and motorcyclists out and about to keep me entertained.  One motorcyclist tooted at me.  Tooted.  It's Easter weekend. I sure hope The BF has a chocolate bunny for me when I catch up to him in Sunol.

Turkeys!  The way I like my men.  Oops, no, not like a turkey.  Wild!  Happy.  Carefree.

Speaking of wild, lots of wild flowers everywhere, though that yellow thing may be a weed.  Heck if I know. 

Poppies were everywhere as well. 

Super ride for both of us.  Even though I didn't get a chocolate bunny. Speaking of Easter, I sure miss Easter egg hunts, chocolate bunnies and dyeing eggs.  Why must we grow up!  But I make do with Jelly Belly jelly beans.  But, good God no, no Peeps.  Well, I make an exception for the peeps in the library.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Everything's Coming Up Roses

Yesterday was spent hiking in Huddart Part with my budettes.  We like to get lost.  Gives us an excuse to ask for directions, from men ....  Oh alrighty, so one of us had a smart phone and we had a map but we like to pretend we need help ....  Guess who we saw!  Our man Dan C. doing the Woodside Ramble, a trail event for runners.  It was neato peato seeing female and male runners dashing past us.  We saluted them. 

The day before I volunteered to play traffic cop for our annual wonderful Tierra Bella bike ride.  Naturally, my intersection requires the assistance of a CHP, male of course.  He was fabulous, in more ways than ... oh really I simply must behave.  I salute the cyclists for biking single file and the cars for being patient.

The week before,  I along with Miss P. and Mr. G, did the TB 100K route, inspecting for any possible problems.  Well, let's talk about the nasty pit bull thingy.  Okay, this monster (and I love dogs), chased Miss P.  Next, he came after me.  Well, when I saw his fangs and the drool, I said to myself, "Really?  Do I need this?"  I was not about to go down because some yapping off a leash pest wanted to chew at my lovely legs.  So, I yelled at the little sucker and he or she sulked away.  Don't, and I repeat, don't mess with a menopausal woman.  You will lose.

After the lovely hike in Huddart, we visited the Heritage Rose Garden to see my Mom's rosebush, the Donna Faye.  The smells and blooms were exquisite. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steamin' up Sierra

The Boyfriend's in town but not enough time for us to join Donny's ride in Tres Pinos.  Darn.  Bit chilly today but I, of course, was decked out in my woolens as we took on Sierra Road.... The BF whined about it being chilly since he of course was not in woolens.  I have to put up with a lot to get some, you know....

Wait, I almost forgot, there was a fire engine parked near Cardoza Park.  Hello firemen!  They seem to know where I am....  The BF has to put up with a lot to get some, you know ....

Me:  So I said to The BF ...
Cow:  Moo.
Me:  Sunshine, Sierra Road, Sex with me, what more could you ask for!
Cow:  Moo.
Me:  Exactly.

Today I was on fire, maybe on account of those firemen, or due to The BF looking mighty fine, and I steamed up Sierra.  Well, maybe not exactly steamed, but, I certainly fared better than previous times.  I did not have to walk any of it.

Yoohoo, I'm ready or OMG, the climb is over, thankfully. 

There goes my man!  Okay off in the distance, he's sort of a speck.  Poor fella, he has to suffer my blog entries.  Sierra Road was challenging since neither of us has climbed it in awhile.  Still pretty with green hills and orange poppies here and there.  Fish n chips afterwards hit the spot.