Friday, November 28, 2014

Bike Friday

Black Friday?  No thank you.  Not interested.  I'd rather be doing a club ride, and that's exactly what I did, joining Miss P's Hicks and Mt. Um ride, including Shannon and Kennedy in Los Gatos.  The morning was foggy and cold but sunny in the areas we were headed.  I knew I might be a bit zapped from yesterday's Mt. Ham ride and boy was I.  I had to walk sections of the climbs.  I felt like dead weight upon my bike and loopy in the head.  What's great about our club is that people wait for you and care about how you're doing.  I really appreciated the camaraderie of this particular gang and I had a swell time.  Now, if you'd like to take advantage of shopping days and buy me something nice ....  I like flowers, diamonds, and chocolate.  an iTunes gift card works, too.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

LKHC Mt. Hamilton - "The annual tradition cannot be stopped"

'Twas the night before, and all through the house, not a cyclist was stirring, wait a minute, back it up to the beginning.  Last night, I scurried over to the Caltrans station to pick up Dan the Man.  Except it was a Sharks game night.  Who knew!  Well, I did, about an hour beforehand, and boy was the traffic dreadful.
Dan and I got his bike on the Kuat bike rack in under a minute. We had a decent and inexpensive taco dinner at a Mexican restaurant.

Can we say time for pajama party!  Mr. Kevin posted an "artistic" photo of bananas on Facebook which we interpreted as pornographic.  Then Google posted a turkey that I suppose was bobbing but in our minds it sure looked like something else, namely naughty.  Before we got too silly, we decided to turn in for the evening.  I had another wonderful night of sleep.  Boy, it does a body good to sleep.

I made Dan steel oats with raisins for breakfast.  We loaded up our gear in the car.  Thanks to Dan, we discovered that several of the bolts for the bike rack were loose.  I now know to check occasionally.  Dan tightened everything.  It made all the difference in securing the bikes properly on the rack. 

I started an hour earlier than the rest of the LKHC cyclists.  Why?  Because I'm so slow.  The weather was agreeable, wonderfully warm with no wind.  I kept thinking something was wrong because no one had caught up to me.  It was not until mile 12, past the bridge, that Mr. Bill tooted his horn.  I thought the Lollipop Man or an icecream truck was behind me.  At mile 14, the really fast riders caught me, including Dan.  Still, I was thrilled because I knew, for once, I'd be finishing with the pack.  I was kicking ass for me.  By the way, there were a lot of flats today, at least 7 that I remember.

For one brief moment, I thought I might shatter my record.  Dream on.... Alas, I finished the same time I did back in 2009 but still, I was thrilled.  Being able to ride with the pack was a nice treat.  I felt strong and I had a blast.   I may not have finished last for once.  We'll see.  I descended in an hour and 15 minutes, which again, for me, is darn good.  I bid farewell to Kevin and took Dan to the train station.  LKHC, Mt. Hammerton (as Kevin calls it), a fine tradition.  I enjoyed myself and I appreciate this series.  It makes Turkey Day memorable.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

And Then There Were Five

Miss P and I thought it would just be the two of us climbing Sierra Road but then, poof, five male cyclists appeared suddenly, eager to join her club ride.  I loved the French guy's accent.  And Dwight was a sweetie to wait for me when I didn't make it through the light at Piedmont.  Another rider was someone I met on the Eastern Sierras trip.

Before we knew it, we were at the summit.  Sierra Road didn't seem as hard as it sometimes does.  I got up in 55 minutes which is the same time I had back in 2007 for a LKHC event.  Not bad, eh.  We didn't stick around for long at the top because the wind was almost icy.  Doing the backside was chilly, too.  I managed a speed of 30.5 mph somewhere, probably because I was cold and wanted to get down to the bottom as quickly as possible.  Notice that the hills are turning green!  That was a nice change.