Saturday, July 9, 2016

Biking with the Birds

I biked to the airport this morning.  After a tearful adieu (not really) with The Boyfriend at SJC, I got back on Guadalupe Trail onwards to Alviso, promptly forgetting all about The BF (he's off to Utah for a mtn biking trip).  Plus, well, there was a bit of eye candy along the trail....

Perfect day bike around the Bay.  I took many photos but none captured the beauty or how you can see Shoreline, Moffet Field, the bridges, the cotton candy clouds hanging in the mountains near San Francisco and so much more.

Oh lookey, Swan Lake.  Haven't a clue what they were doing.

Oh lookey, a glam shot of me.

See the bird flying midstream, the two upstream, and the one all by itself.  I saw so many birds today. 

I wish you could have seen how the water was sometimes blue, then orange, and red.  Sediments?  Algae?

I planned to hang out at the "beach" but it was a bit overcrowded with birds.  A delightful adventure today.

Monday, July 4, 2016

Celebrating the 4th

A hill. A vineyard.  I must be in Tuscany.

Okay, I'm not in Tuscany.  I'm with Miss P doing a few climbs as we celebrate the 4th of July.  We're on Reynolds now, having just climbed Arnerich Road (o-u-c-h), Wagner Road and Pheasant Road, each off Hicks Road.

Atop Reynolds, and a bad hair day.  You can't tell, but, I was a sweaty mess.  The flies, all eight of them, accompanied me up Reynolds, much to my annoyance.  We decided to skip the rest of Hicks and Mt Um, no doubt disappointing the flies. 

We continued on Kennedy to the park in Los Gatos.  We watched the boys raise the flag as we pledged allegiance.  Next we listened to our national anthem.  A touching moment.

As we left the park, we had to stop for the train.  Choo choo.  God Bless America.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

All Along the Reservoir

I had considered titling this blog entry, "Scenes from a Reservoir" but well, that sounded like an Ingmar Bergman film.... We stopped at this point of Lexington Reservoir to notice the ripples, after having finished up climbing Black Road and flying through a windy chilly (but much appreciated) Skyline Drive and Bear Creek.  A sight to behold, created by the wind I imagine, and to the wonders of Mom Nature.

I've been meaning to shoot scenes of the reservoir and today I got my chance.  Miss P once again came up with the perfect ride to handle the heat, and I was treated with Miss A joining us as well as The Boyfriend.  Plus, I met a really swell fella named Brian who shared some interesting stories as we struggled up Black.  First time for The Boyfriend doing Black.

Speaking of Sweden, glad you asked, much of the ride I thought about Alexander Skarsgard who plays Tarzan, releasing this weekend.  I've been in lust, no doubt you as well, with Alexander ever since True Blood series.  I've admired his father Stellan for quite some time, ever since Breaking the Waves.  The things I think about while riding, I know, I know.

And I thought about Oliva de Havilland, the last remaining star of Gone with the Wind, 100 years young, living in Paris.  Her Melanie was a character to behold, equally strong written female role as was Scarlett's.  One tough cookie.  Anyway, a bike ride, made memorable by the company and the scenery.  It helps when the world around you is full of doo doo.