Saturday, January 29, 2011

We'll Always Have Westridge

A 10am club ride start time. These people know how to party! These people being S&P who led today's ACTC ride through Los Altos Hills. We were a merry bunch, well, except for me because Captain Virus didn't want to leave me (who could blame him with a body like mine).
After introducing him to the joys of club rides, the club hopping gigolo (aka The Boyfriend) chose to ride with another group. So while he was puttin' on the ritz with other cyclists, he missed out on a hillclimb he's never done. Of course, with him not being in the picture/vicinity, this allowed me to do my queen's wave to all the male cyclists we encountered, and boy, they were out in force today. Waves and waves. I may be sick but some things never change.... Alas, I digress.
S&P provided us with a spectacular route that took us through the scenic rolling hills of Los Altos (Magdalena, Summerhill, Purissima) along with two significant climbs (Olive Tree Lane and Westridge). I was unable to climb all of Olive, regrettably. Peter Frampton, though, showed me the way up Westridge. This is a new climb for ACTC and we were the second group to do it, thus, making a little history.
Meanwhile, at Roberts Market on Alpine, we decided to cut the ride short a tiny bit due to a spitting rain, cloudy skies and a shift in the wind. I was to learn later that The Boyfriend's car was parked at the market and that he was up on the mountain above us, cold and wet in his moutain biking gear.
While I was a bit loopy in Los Altos, achy and out of breath, I shall forever remember (thanks to our ride leaders and for getting me out), in the words of S, "We'll always have Westridge." You betcha!
Just the Stats:
33 miles
3 hrs
28 mph on descent
11 mph avg

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Out and About Again

After playing host for a week to Captain Virus and his viral army, and remaining at home quarantined, I managed to get out and see the world, once again with The BikeMaster and 20 other ACTC cyclists, including my friend S&P, and, yes, The Boyfriend (his very first ride with the club).

I was still not firing on all cyclinders, so, the 67 mile route was out of the question. Even if I was in tip top shape, I'm not sure I could have handled Mt. Madonna, which according to The BF was quite steep. We did not ride together. He left me for another bike. A pleasant peaceful 30 mile ride on Old Santa Cruz Hwy and Summit Road on a warm winter day that took 3 hours. I think The BF did the entire route in 4.5 hours. Sigh. When I'm completely better, I may just let him chase after me.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Biking with the BikeMaster

Finally a warm sunny day and wouldn't you know it, I woke with a sore throat and an infection in my ear. Nevertheless, I was determined to do some of the ACTC ride being led by The BikeMaster! 19 of us on this ride including my friends S & P.

On a clear day, you can see forever. Yeah yeah yeah. Anyway, shot somewhere on Thomas Grade. I knew I wouldn't make it up Henry Coe, feeling as I did, so, I said adieu to my fellow ACTCers and went my merry way smack into a headwind back to the Coyote Creek Trail.

Ah, cute, right. Wrong. Bunch of little ones chasing their mothers for milk. You'd think they'd say, "Mommy, may I have some milk, please." It was practically violent, I tell you, the way they grabbed onto Mommy's milking parts to nourish themselves. I was shocked by their aggressive behavior, shocked I tell you. Once back home, I had to have a lie down and close my eyes tightly to forget the images I saw. Perhaps I embellish.

Meanwhile, smart decision to only do 34 miles.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Meandering around Metcalf

8am Saturday morning. The phone rings.

The BF: Whatcha doing!
Me: I'm in my nightie eating scones with clotted cream; and oh yeah, there's a boy toy tied up in the closet.
The BF: I don't believe a word you're saying.
Me: Okay, I lied, I'm wearing my Frederick's of Hollywood --
The BF: Listen Missy, you stop right now, put on your bike clothes and go for a ride.
Me: Must I? It's 46 degrees outside.
The BF: No time like the present to start preparing for next month's Mega Monster Enduro!

It was to be a solo ride since The Boyfriend is away on a business trip and I didn't feel like doing a group ride at 9am on a wintry day. The plan was to do a 34 mile bike ride but I never felt comfortable in the cold so I only did 18 miles.

However, I achieved my goal of climbing Metcalf on the new bike. It didn't take forever (nor in agony) to get up the hill. It's never been like that before. Of course, I've had many men say that to me, too.... oh oh .... Let's see, I biked between 3.6 - 4.8 mph up Metcalf (not pushing myself either). I was pleased. Then I meandered here and there (Bailey, Monterey Hwy, Coyote Creek Trail) before deciding I'd had enough of the cold weather. On the flat stretches I biked between 15 - 22 mph. Perhaps tomorrow, it'll be warmer for a longer bike ride but meanwhile, I need to attend to the noises coming from the closet....