Saturday, June 28, 2014

Funny Bunch Farewell Ride

Today's club outing was a farewell ride for a club member off to another part of the country.  How sweet is that!  Miss P and Mr. G were there along with some fellas that I met from last year's Eastern Sierras trip.  It was a funny bunch for sure.   When we got to the picnic area after climbing Croy, one of our cyclists said,  "Where's the beer?"  Before taking some photos, another cyclist said, "Where's my make up man?"  My kind of people!  I, of course, wanted to say, "Where's my gigolo?" 

We did Bailey/Buffalo Hill,Croy,Llagas/Willow Springs and 50 miles.  We encountered headwinds upon the return from Morgan Hill along Hale Avenue.   I managed to finish (of course last) in 4 hr. 30 min.  Yay.  Oh, the photo  -- snapped while climbing Croy.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Riding Thom and Hank

For today's club ride, led by Miss P and Mr. G, we climbed Thomas Grade and Henry Coe, or as Mr. G.  likes to call these fellas --Thom and Hank.  I like to call them, Ouch and Ouch. 

There I was, pretending to be Tinker Bell, as I climbed Henry Coe, occasionally imagining I was the Sugar Plum Fairy, The Black Swan, and oh heck, let's just throw in Mary Poppins, too, when a sexy cyclist (are there any other kind in my blog post?) sped past me and said, "Nice bike."  The Boyfriend, unable to join us because he's on a mtn. biking trip, will tell you, "That's code, Missy."  Oooh, flirty, I love a good flirty.

As my pedals churned away, about 1 1/2 miles to the top, I met the sexy cyclist once again as he was coming down.  He said, "Nice job."  Hmm, I had yet to make it to the top. Did I mention that I love a good flirty.  The BF is shaking his head.  I did try to push myself in short spurts as I still feel a bit sluggish.  I forgot about that last nasty bit towards the top.  My heart rate did flutter a bit, maybe on account of said sexy cyclist....

My bike is such a poseur.  28 miles.  Another fun club ride. 

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Climb after Climb

Miss P and Mr. G planned a big ride for us today in the Santa Cruz Mtns., Soquel, and Scotts Valley, somewhat similar to the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge.  I don't think there were enough climbs. NOT.  I was pleasantly surprised -- Mr. DM, our host for the Eastern Sierras September trip joined our club ride. 

Perfect weather and beautiful scenery (okay no firemen showed up) made this club outing simply smashing.  We had redwoods, we had wild turkeys, and a few butterflies here and there.  By the end of the ride, we were drenched in sweat and suntan lotion caked to our skin.  The ride, while challenging, did me good.  After all, without a challenge now and then, life would simply be, dull.  To top it off, The BF, away on another continent, called just as I arrived home. 

Our route included:  Old SC Highway, Soquel SJ, Rodeo Gulch, Mtn View, Branciforte, Granite Creek, Glen Canyon, Bluebonnet, Bean Creek, Glenwood, and Mountain Charlie.  Exhausting but another super ride thanks to Miss P and Mr. G.  We did around 51 miles, and 4600 ft of climbing.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

A Day at the Beach

Miss P, Mr. G and I started today's club ride to Manresa State Beach 30 minutes before the other members.  We expected that they'd catch up to us on Old Santa Cruz Hwy or somewhere in Soquel.  We made it to Manresa but still no sign of fellow cyclists.  Dare we believe that we were so incredibly fast that we left them in the dust.   Ha ha ha. Not me, that's for sure.  Still sluggish as I tried to keep pace with Miss P and Mr. G.

I love this ride because of the variety of scenery.  Guess what this is.

Yes, strawberries!  Sweet, delicious and juicy just like me. 

And this, what do you suppose this is?  It's near Corralitos.

A cabbage patch!  I love boiled cabbage with mustard and butter.  I like coleslaw, too.

This is for The BF.  Got Pi?  Somewhere on Eureka Canyon.  Towards the end of Eureka Canyon, fatigue settled in.  I'd like to believe that I wouldn't have lost my oomph had there been flirtation possibilities.  Such is life.  I was 35 minutes slower than 2 years ago but give me some time, and I'll be up to speed once more.  Mr. G. had to whisk me away to the Summit Store for a banana and an injection of diet coke.  A fabulous time with Mr. G. and Miss. P.  And that's all that really matters.

Just the Stats:

4900 feet of climbing
64.79 miles
33 mph max
10.4 avg mph
6 hr. 10 min.