Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a Day for a Daydream

What a day for a daydream, what a day for a daydreamin' .... [Lovin Spoonful] Ah Spring, a day to dream of lovelier days ahead, as we shed our winter clothing. Speaking of daydreams -- Last weekend, while the weather pattern of cold and rainy stood its ground, The Boyfriend helped me to buy my very first cell phone. Naturally, I wanted to take the T-Mobile sales boy home with us or at the very least, call him on my new cell phone but The Boyfriend put his foot down (he does that occasionally) and occasionally, I give in to him. However, I do have the sales boy's business card..... But I digress, as usual. A day off today! Off I shot on the Specialized Hybrid. I met a man. Of course. We could not cross an underpass on the Guadalupe Trail as it was still drowning in the rain water from last weekend. He: I could carry you across. Me: I don't think The Boyfriend would like the idea of another man touching me. He: Oh. Me: I did not say that I would mind.... What a beautiful day as I made my way to Alviso and onto the trail around the Bay. Biking along, daydreaming, singing and then shirtless Boy Wonder came out of nowhere. I almost fell into the Bay. Like "Marky Mark" he was. I love this ride and never tire of it. Always the scenery changes. The daydream eventually comes to a close. And now back to learning to use the cell phone ... who should I call ....

Saturday, March 12, 2011

A Ride with a View

Time again for the annual (okay it's been 2 years) Caltran excursion with S&P leading an ACTC ride that had us climbing San Bruno Mtn. before making our way down the Peninsula.

The train conductors took a shine to me. One escorted me to the restroom. The other held the train for The Boyfriend --

Me: That's him, that's him!
Conductor: He's at the wrong end of the platform.
Me: Would you mind holding up the train to make sure he boards with us.
Conductor: Well.
Me: Oh please. It's his first time and he's from another country.
Conductor: How about you dump him and I take you for a ride in the conductor's seat.
Me: Tempting... but ....
Conductor: If only I had a woman like you.
Me: I know, I know, I hear that all the time.

I tell you I felt positively pampered by the two train conductors!

On the train ---

Me: My car's whining. 140,000 miles.
The BF: That's what happens with things as they age and get old.
A stranger next to us: Oh, are you talking about dogs.
Me: No, men.

Lookey, The BF enjoying the view atop San Bruno Mountain.

We snaked our way along Oyster Point, through SFO and onward to Coyote Point Park (pictured above) or as Dr. G says, "Newsflash: There are no coyotes." We continued along the breathtaking Baylands Park Trail making our way over to Alameda de las Pulgas and back to the California Avenue train station. What an adventure. A ride with a view. Thank you S&P.
Just the Stats:
46 miles
28 mph descent
12 mph avg
3 hr 50 min.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

A New Climb

The plan was to bike with fellow ACTCers to Capitola but I was not feeling the love this morning (or as The Boyfriend interprets this to mean: No flirting fizzled you out). But I had a fabulous time biking with my friend P as we did a new climb for me: Mt. Bache and Loma Prieta off Higland Way in the Santa Cruz Mountains.
According to the Stanford Cycling page: 3.3 miles, 1520 ft, 8.7% with a few 15% pitches. The Strava site has an aerial map profile with some numbers, too. We could see Monterey Bay once we arrived at the summit. And remains from the Loma Prieta fires. Remote probably best describes the climb.
My favorite road to ride when in this area is Morrell, a quiet and pretty stretch, near the Summit Store and Wrights Station.
Just the Stats:
25 miles
9 mph avg
29 mph descending
2 hr 45 m