Sunday, January 24, 2016

Visiting the Refuge

Today was a day that was not rainy.  Got out, got on the hybrid and visited Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge.  Whew, that's a long title.

It's pretty.  It's quiet.  It helps stave off the winter blues.  Of course, chocolates, Belgian frites, firemen, a trip to Paris, a visit to the Conservatory of Flowers and other treats would do the trick but one can not always indulge.  One makes do.

I could have gone on a club ride but the morning sky was rather soupy and the temperature not to my liking.  So I opted this ride instead and enjoyed the reflections cast upon the water.

Nice, eh.  Calming.  Tranquility has its moments.  So nice to be away from the noise of everyday life.

A nice outing that allowed me to appreciate the beauty and diversity of the Bay Area. 

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Courting Calaveras

On New Year's Day, Miss P., The Boyfriend and I braved frigid temperatures to do our annual Mt. Hamilton ride.  Miss P. and I did not make it to the top.  The BF did.  Wow.  No matter how many layers of wool I wear, I can not cycle in 30ish and 40ish degree temperatures.  I'd rather hide under my goose down comforter with bonbons and a good book.  And, well, alrighty, The Boyfriend, too.  I digress, already.

Much needed rain along with cold temperatures prevented me from getting out on the bike.  But, not today!  No more excuses.  Toss the bonbons.  Toss The Boyfriend (just kidding).  Because today, we had blue skies, lots of sunshine and warmer temperatures for Donny's rescheduled ACTC ride to Sunol; though I still needed to wear wool. 

There were only four of us on this ride (hello Dick Matthews) but we encountered lots of cyclists along the way as well as a few dead animals.  Miss P. and I discovered that we hadn't lost much fitness (yay).  We were able to get up The Wall and keep a steady strong pace (for us, that is) throughout the ride.

We didn't make it all the way to Sunol.  Heavy clouds blanketed parts of the canyon, the temperature dropped, so we turned around at Welsh Creek; though Mr. Matthews went all the way.  Good for him.  We worried about a sudden downpour.  Didn't happen. I felt fired up and happy to once again be out on the bike.  Miss P. and I managed to trigger the speeding sign too on our descent!

Just the Stats:

27.40 miles
34.5 mph on descent
10 avg mph
2 hr. 42 min