Saturday, March 22, 2014

Steamin' up Sierra

The Boyfriend's in town but not enough time for us to join Donny's ride in Tres Pinos.  Darn.  Bit chilly today but I, of course, was decked out in my woolens as we took on Sierra Road.... The BF whined about it being chilly since he of course was not in woolens.  I have to put up with a lot to get some, you know....

Wait, I almost forgot, there was a fire engine parked near Cardoza Park.  Hello firemen!  They seem to know where I am....  The BF has to put up with a lot to get some, you know ....

Me:  So I said to The BF ...
Cow:  Moo.
Me:  Sunshine, Sierra Road, Sex with me, what more could you ask for!
Cow:  Moo.
Me:  Exactly.

Today I was on fire, maybe on account of those firemen, or due to The BF looking mighty fine, and I steamed up Sierra.  Well, maybe not exactly steamed, but, I certainly fared better than previous times.  I did not have to walk any of it.

Yoohoo, I'm ready or OMG, the climb is over, thankfully. 

There goes my man!  Okay off in the distance, he's sort of a speck.  Poor fella, he has to suffer my blog entries.  Sierra Road was challenging since neither of us has climbed it in awhile.  Still pretty with green hills and orange poppies here and there.  Fish n chips afterwards hit the spot. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Summit and Plummet

Oh well, oh well, I feel so good today.  We're off to do Mt. Diablo (club ride).

The hills have turned green!  Mr. A almost crashed into me.  I told him there were easier ways to "pick me up."  Like, offer chocolates and diamonds.

Lookey, poppies!  Mr. G. pointed out the sign that said speed limit 20 mph.  Yep, like I'm going to get a ticket for speeding as I climbed Mt. Diablo. 

Sweet victory!  I pedaled the last nasty bit to the summit without much huff or puff. 

Time to plummet!  The brown areas are from last year's fire.  Miss P. chose to ride some more while Mr. G and I decided to return to the start.  Other club members went on to do Clayton and Morgan Territory. 

Up close.  We saw signs of nature on the mend.  A ladybug joined me for much of the ride, resting on my arm.  There were lots of cyclists out today, no wonder, given the warm weather.  I summited.  I plummeted.  And managed 31 miles. 

Saturday, March 8, 2014

It's About Time

Been awhile since I've done a club ride and with Dr. G.  Except Dr. G had a different route in mind. 

Dr G:  We're going to do my route.  You got that matey!
Me:  Aye aye Captain.

Ooh, I do so love a good mutiny.  We set sail while the other cyclists were still drinking their lattes outside the bike shop off Cottle Road.

Our route:  Santa Teresa up Bernal over to Bailey onward to Buffalo Hill, then Uvas, Oak Glen, Willow Springs, Hale, Llagas, Hale again and back to the start. 

I huffed and puffed for the first climb up Bernal.  At the IBM gate where the security guard post is, I had to pee, naturally as discreetly as possible even though there was no guard.  A bunch of male cyclists came through and the guard gate opened for them.  They asked me if I triggered it for them.  Dr. G. quipped that somewhere on the IBM campus, they were shooting video of the scene and of me.

Dr. G. and I had a blast.  The weather was marvelous.  We could see Mt. Um from Bernal and Mt. Ham from Hale in Morgan Hill.  We waved to Miss P. who was somewhere on Mt. Ham today.  The hills have turned green from the little bit of rain we've had.

And given us poppies!  Dr. G. said we best get back because that video that the security guard might have made had probably gone viral ... oh, Dr. G. is too funny.  Don't forget to Spring Forward tonight.

Just the Stats:

39 miles
11.9 avg mph
27 mph on a descent
3 hrs 15 min

Thursday, March 6, 2014

It was so French

Miss D. had tickets to see Just a Sigh showing at the California Theatre.  This venue is grand, and thankfully rescued years ago.  The movie is part of the lineup for Cinequest 2014, our own film festival now in its 24th year.  Years ago, I was a volunteer, reviewing documentaries.

But first, Miss D and I went to Cafe Stritch for refreshments.  Put Miss D and me together, and we are simply bad.  Fabulous art on the wall.  Or maybe I was the art off the wall.

We loved Cafe Stritch.  I think they loved us too.  I had the vegetarian chili for a whomping $5.  It was delicious.  I think this place used to be Eulipia.   Now, we don't have to go to SF for a happening happy scene.

Back to the main event.  Ah, the theatre.  It rivals Stanford Theatre in its grandeur and beauty.  I thank everyone involved who saved it from destruction.  It houses Opera SJ.

A fixture upon the ceiling.  Splendid.  An elegance to behold.

Ah the movie.  So French, with an ending that left you wondering.  Would the two strangers on a train, who became lovers begin a new life together.  Gabriel Byrne, reminds me of The Boyfriend.  I escorted Mr. Byrne years ago at another Cinequest event.  The story line was not original but the dialogue was, if that makes any sense.  The acting was excellent, and the close ups showing us real life was refreshing. We simply loved it.  It was, so french, in a good way.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Cry Me a River

I ventured out prepared to conquer the wild and windy day.  Towards downtown San Jose I go.

My destination?  In a moment, it's coming.  First though, I biked through the urban jungle, otherwise known as the Guadalupe Trail.  Been awhile since I headed downtown.

Lovely, n'est-ce pas.  One of my favorite scenes.  The trail was flooded and I had to go on the street to get over to the Children's Discovery Museum.   Let's talk about the weather.  Me, I don't do small talk but it's been raining, people, raining in our drought State.

Ah, the beginning.  I don't know why in all the years I've been biking that I have not experienced the Los Gatos Creek Trail. Enter the trail at the Blackford Elementary School on Willow St. in Willow Glen.

Wait, I get ahead of myself.  Momentary distraction on account of the firemen whizzing past me in their fire truck.  While on the Guadalupe Trail in downtown SJ, pass the Children's Discovery Museum and then get on the road (name escapes me -- see above, on account of the firemen...) but it meets up with Willow Street and this beautiful church.  Turn right onto Willow Street until you reach the school for the start of the trail.

Before I knew it, I was saying goodbye to Campbell and biking parallel to Hwy 17.  How exciting.

One of several bridges I would cross on my adventure along the Los Gatos Creek Trail.

Water, people, water.  It was ever so wonderful.  And to see puddles on the trail as well.  Occasionally rain spit on me but it was mostly a dry rather balmy ride.

Ooh, I had to rough it.  The trail was flooded.  Ah, it was around here that before my eyes, Adonis appeared.  Wait, wait for it, yes, my jaw dropped, my tongue hung out and panted as the most gorgeous runner ran past me.  The trail can get crowded.  Be prepared to slow down.  Be prepared to just gawk.

I made it to Vasona Lake in Los Gatos.  At this point, I worried about the threatening skies and decided to turn back.  I think I am in love.  With this trail.  My usual Guadalupe Trail to Alviso has met its match.  I rode my Specialized Hybrid for this outing but one can do it on a road bike as well.  Til the next time.