Saturday, April 23, 2016

Working It

Rolled out of bed at some ridiculous morning hour, and drove to Gilroy for the Tierra Bella workers ride.  Upon arrival, the sky was overcast and chilly but later a blue sky with fluffy white clouds brought joy.  The wind was with us for a lot of the ride but it wasn't too bad.

Oh lookey, a stud.

Another beautiful road that Miss P. and I traveled.  We were last in the bunch but we enjoyed ourselves. 

Just the Stats:

53.65 miles
11.3 avg mph
30 mph fastest on descent
4 hr 43 min.

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Hello Henry Coe

Today's club ride to Henry Coe was all about wildflowers, wonderful weather, and pain.  See the poppies in this photo.

If it hadn't been for all the pretty flowers around every bend, I'm not sure that I'd have made it. 

We had great weather and a good turnout.  I managed to do 15 mph along the trail yet I was still last with this group.  Ahmed was in front of me up to Thomas Grade when he turned around; injuries prevented him from continuing.  On Cochrane, my chain slipped and not one but four cyclists came to my rescue.  Need I say more....

By the time I got to Henry Coe, I was exhausted, my legs were screaming and I was so done except around every bend, there were pretty flowers and I carried on like a warrior princess.  Clearly, I'm out of shape but no time like the present to get back into the swing of things.  Omg, guess what I saw!!!  A Blue Angel who dazzled me.  He kept doing vertical ascents and nose dives over and over again.  It was fantastic.

I climbed Henry Coe alone but I had wildflowers around every bend and that lone Blue Angel to keep me distracted.  By the time I got to the top of Henry Coe, everyone was leaving.  Despite feeling the burn, a fantastic ride.

Just the Stats:

51 miles
5 hr 15 min
9.6 avg mph
32 mph on descent

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Away to Austin

Here I am at SJC (San Jose airport) last Sunday, after standing in the security line for an hour (Spring Break chaos apparently), waiting to board flight to Austin, Texas for business trip.  Got my new Samsung Galaxy s7 smarty phone to keep me company.  It came in handy.

Here I am at the hotel.  You can't tell, but, I'm already dying from the humidity. Back track -- took the airport flyer (all of $1.75; a steal) to get here.  But construction meant that I had to walk a bit in the heat.  Sigh. There's a reason why I live in the Bay Area, besides for biking....  The bell boy took my photo.  Yep, he certainly rang my bell....

Nice digs.  Situated right next to UT at Austin.  Cool.  After a tour of the library and a reception, I went to the hotel bar (got over eating alone really fast) where I was served by a guy who shares the same name as The Boyfriend.  He received a good tip....

Me again.  Thankfully, you can't tell that I'm dying from the humidity.  It was quite pleasant actually in the early morning and evening hours.  I enjoyed walking around campus, exploring where students hung out.  Didn't have time to see the bats that come out at dusk at the Congress Bridge (do a search; plenty to learn).

After the business trip concluded, I visited the State Capitol.  I met some officers on horses that helped me find my way ... which reminds me, the concierge at the hotel was happy to print my boarding pass if I had any difficulty doing it myself ... The Boyfriend wonders what I have that he does not.  A lot, Mister, a lot.

Here I am, poking around in the state library, looking at House and Senate documents.  I'm nosy. 

Now I'm in the Governor's public room where he meets and greets people.

Neato Peato.  It's the House, I think.  I went to a lot of rooms.... I got a bit turned around as to what I was seeing and doing.  Sounds like our government....

I think this is the Supreme Court.  Anyway, it was interesting to visit another state's historic building.  But alas, time to go home.  Yay!  A good trip but glad to be back home.