Sunday, February 24, 2013

Copenhagen Bakery Ride

I'm shocked people, shocked that The Boyfriend chose to go on a mtn. biking ride with his mates instead of tagging along with me on one of Tony's infamous club rides.  The BF said later, having not had the opportunity to do a mtn. bike ride in awhile, that he had some problems with endurance and stamina.  Well let me tell you, he certainly doesn't have those issues when he's with me....

Tony's rides involve hills, hills and more hills.  This time from Woodside to Burlingame.  What a workout! 

Hills mean stunning views of the Bay Area.  We traveled through Woodside, Redwood City, Hillsborough and Burlingame.  Hills also mean pain.

Hills sometimes can be fun.  Loved this little bit of joy.  Everyone felt they had worked themselves for a treat at the Copenhagen Bakery in Burlingame.  Me, I felt like I deserved some sugar from the fireman sitting in his firetruck a half mile back.  Oh oh, I'm in trouble.  I needed the coffee from Peet's and the croissant from the bakery to get me back.

A clear day gave way to fabulous views.   I love going places I've not been before and enjoying the company of fellow club cyclists.  Truly, they made it special.  We did 37 miles including Canada Road, Jefferson, Canyon, Polhemus, Crystal Springs, Crestview, Tartan Trail, Tournament, and the Ralston Bike Trail.  I'm wiped. 

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gorgeous Green

Club ride involving a new climb for me out in Sunol on Kilkare Road (a community established in 1926).  And of course the not so gentle climb known as the Calaveras Wall. 

The wind was picking up (blustery at times) so I decided to skip riding out to Pleasanton; thus, returning alone with the pretty green hills to keep me company.  Nothing much to report other than a sweet ride.

Just the Stats:

47.35 miles
28.5 mph max
11.2 avg mph
4 hr 13 min

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Being on Bernal

Another pleasant club ride doing Bernal which I haven't done in a long time.  I managed to do 32.5 mph on its descent.  That was fun.  We were quite the social group chatting away, enjoying the sunshine, and just being. 

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Clothing is Optional

On today's impromptu club ride, Dr. G. took us through redwood forests, up and down Wright's Station, and past an au naturel resort.  Dr. G. knows how to have fun!

Okay, so we didn't see any naked people, after all, it is winter, though today, it felt like Spring.  I sure did feel like taking it all off at times....  We did share stories about past adventures in said places.  Who hasn't been to Harbin Hot Springs....  Meanwhile, far more exciting was traveling a road I've not done before -- Aldercroft Heights.  Thank you Dr. G. for that little climb.  Hit the spot.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Mega Monster Enduro - DNF

I was flying.  I was soaring.  For this year's Mega Monster Enduro in Paicines.  Sure, it was around 34 degrees but the sun was warm and I had all my woolies to keep me snug.

And then, around mile 7, I noticed a wire protruding from my front tire.  Oh oh.

By mile 13, the front tire was soft.  I managed to change the flat in about 5 minutes, to my surprise and delight.  But I couldn't get enough air into the tube and I was uncomfortable (lack of experience) with using the CO2 cartridge.  But then, wait, wait for it ....

A guy in a pick up truck stopped and he pumped me up nicely, using the CO2 cartridge.  But by this time, perhaps only 15 minutes had elapsed, I lost all desire to continue the ride.  I turned around and took in the lovely scenery as I made my way back to the start.  I ended up doing about 36 miles.  I spent the rest of the time enjoying the company of Cara and later Dan, along with helping track finish times.  DNF Mega Monster Enduro.  Thank you Cara, Dan, Bill, Lane, Kevin and others for your effort and time in putting on this event.  And thank you Alison for driving me. 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Cruising Calaveras

Saturday morning was spent on an impromptu ride suggested by Dr. G. to Sunol via Felter and Calaveras.

Dr. G. observed that there were no firemen to tickle my fancy.  Whatever would I do to entertain myself!  Oh lookey, just around the bend, a pelaton of the male variety, followed by a Mike's Bikes vehicle.  And then Jill commented that construction workers of which there were a few along the way would be a fine substitution.  We stopped in Sunol at a park before turning back to Milpitas.

I can hear The Boyfriend now, all the way over there on another continent.  Focus woman, focus on the biking.  Must I, Mister.  First, it was supposed to be 65 degrees.  We barely hit 57.  However, wait, wait for it, check out my new wool jersey!!  From Portland Oregon Cyclewear.  Nothing comes between me and my wool, except maybe The BF.  It hit the spot today, that's for sure.  Didn't even need to wear the windbreaker except occasionally.   Dr. G. was quite the chaperone taking care of me as I am having some health issues.  Can we say Gentleman!  And Jill introduced me to a new gel that has ginseng and honey in it.  Of course I've forgotten the product name.  Super club outing.

Just the Stats:

Jill and I got to gabbing as chicks do, so...
37.41 miles
31.5 top speed
11.1 avg mph
3 hr. 22 min.