Friday, February 23, 2007

Guadalupe River Trail

Here are some photos of the Guadalupe River trail I often take when biking to the airport and to Alviso.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Amgen Tour of California Stage 3

Wednesday, Lorraine and I waited at City Hall, the finish line for Stage 3 of the Amgen Tour of California. The crowd was enthusiastic and the clouds threatening. It was exciting to witness this tour in its second year.

The San Jose Mercury News is posting photos of the tour by amateur photographers. Mike Kolesnik shot the photo of the cyclists climbing Sierra Road. The photo of the bystanders is a Merc photo on today's front page. Don Ho captured the cyclists on 2nd Street and Taylor, downtown San Jose. You'll find hundreds of photos on Smugmug and Flickr as well. Michelle Ross has some nice photos of cyclists on Sierra Road. Michael Suvihura has photos of the various stages. Videos and a live stream are available on the Tour of California webpage.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm Singin' in the Rain

Yes, that's what I was doing earlier today, just singing in the rain while I biked to the Mineta San Jose International Airport. No doubt the boyfriend was glad he wasn't around to hear me belting out the blues.

It all began with a breakfast of tofu scramble and chocolate soymilk. No doubt the boyfriend was glad he wasn't around for that either.

There was a break in the weather with a patch of blue and a bit of sun. I fired up the hybrid one pedal at a time and off I soared to the airport to wave at pilots and watch airplanes take off, something I never tire of.

For the first 5 miles along the Guadalupe River path, I flew at a pace of 20 mph as a gentle rain began to fall. The raindrops felt refreshing especially as it was a bit humid. I took a short break and watched planes land and take off. It's a fabulous feeling when you're that close.

The sky changed in an instant. Dark clouds sent harder rain and a wind came from nowhere. My speed sunk to 9 mph on the return flight home. I began singing loudly. Heck, there was nobody around, you know. "Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse." No doubt the boyfriend thinks that the birds in the bay at Alviso migrate South each year to avoid my singing. Just kidding.

I made it home safe and sound. It was good to get out of the rain. And it was good to go for a bike ride. Oh, next month, I'll be taking a ride in a limo with the boyfriend, my first time, and I'll probably start singing. No doubt the boyfriend will have wished he migrated South. Just kidding.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

I'm in the Mood

Guess what! The weather was delightful over the weekend so I finally got out on the blue bicycle. I ride to work every day on a little boy's bicycle (Specialized) but that's more like strolling, you know. And a bit less than 2 miles each way. When I was four or so, I lived in Libya and rode around on a red tricycle. Those were the days, eh. It's been a month since I took the big bicycle out.

Saturday, I met the boyfriend at Page Mill and Arastradero and we biked many roads in the Los Altos Hills, including Moody Road, which was a bit of a killer for me since I haven't biked in awhile. I met a woman cyclist on Moody and she understood when I explained that the climb was taking its toll on me. It's lovely in the Los Altos Hills. You pass a few vineyards, some fancy schmancy mansions, open space, horse stables (I once took a horseriding class through De Anza Foothill College and we met at a stable in the area), and rolling hills that are green this time of the year. We did 21 miles. Can't say I was Speedy Gonzales. But it was nice to get out again and to smile and wave to men who seemed to want to help me every time I stopped.

Sunday, I took the Hybrid to Alviso (photo is of the Marina). The ride can only be described as serene, well, once you get to the bay. The trail leading to Alviso is gravel and bumpy in places. I stopped in Alviso to watch a photo shoot of a band. Once on the bay, I watched ducks and birds float on the water. Returning to Alviso, I had to stop for the train. I love trains ever since I lived near the tracks in Kfar Shmaryahu, a suburb in Israel. I did 24 miles in 2 hours. Again, can't say I was Speedy Gonzales.

Well, clearly, I must get back in shape and prepare for Tierra Bella in April. Thank you Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears and Glen Miller for keeping me in the mood. And the boyfriend, too.