Saturday, January 28, 2012

Eureka on Corralitos

Me:  I had a cool sensation
The BF:  I feel a whopper coming on
Me:  a sweet vibration as I came down the quite bumpy Eureka Canyon....
The BF:  I refuse to listen to anymore.
Me:  Ah, sweet mystery of life, at last I found ....
The BF:  Sigh, why do I go on bike rides with you.

Lookey, a Venn diagram!  But I digress.  It was quite cold starting off from the school near Lexington Dam and in parts of Eureka Canyon in the Santa Cruz Mountains for Donny's ride to Corralitos and Mt Madonna. 

I spent an hour in Corralitos, thawing myself in the sun, drinking milk, taking photos, and fondly recalling the two mountain bikers who appeared from nowhere to offer "assistance" the moment I stopped to check directions somewhere on Eureka Canyon.  I wasn't the only one who opted out to not do Mt. Madonna.  The Boyfriend, stud that he is, did the entire 68 mile route.  The ride, with a lot of climbing and descending, proved challenging on a cold day.  I began fantasizing, no not about those mountain bikers, but about a hot steaming cup of coffee the last 4 miles back to the start.  Glad we did it.  I had a good time.  Pretty scenery.

Just the Stats:

48 miles
28 mph descent
10.6 mph avg
4 hr 32 min

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Cows on Calaveras

 Check out these two cows.  The brown one was ever so attentive to the white one.  He rubbed himself against her, gave her a good licking, and fawned over her.  Hmm, the things I could say, am thinking ....

The BF generously offered to pick up my bike after its very first tune up for which I am most appreciative.  Apparently the guys at the bike shop remembered me, which got The BF wondering why ....  Today was a solo test drive (the BF is stuck at an airport) to make sure all was well with the bike and it was.  A jaunt around Felter, Calaveras and down Sierra.  I noticed some side roads to explore next time, like Sweigart.   Looking at some previous stats, I actually am improving in speed and I wasn't even giving it my best shot. 

Just the Stats:

9.1 avg mph
29 mph descent
17.25 miles
1 hr 52 min.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Cycling with the Social Climbers

What a blast joining the Social Climbers ride today, and with a start time of 10:00am.  We started on Quimby Road and over to Mt Pleasant, a new hill for me to climb.  Next we found ourselves in Alum Rock Park.  Another first for me and pleasing.  A young girl had a snake wrapped around her arm.  Too social for me.  Off we went to climb Sierra Road.  First time for me doing Sierra on what I still refer to as my new bike (Specialized Ruby Elite with the amazing SRAM gears) even though I bought it back in August 2010.  Where does the time go!  Wow, first time (I seem to be using first alot in this blog) I got up Sierra without struggle.  Thank you amazing gears.  I was able to have a conversation with a new club member while doing the climb.  That's a first.  Some youngish boys on mountain bikes gave me a thumbs up.  I felt like a Cougar.   

Alas, I didn't stay with the group because I never felt warm the entire ride; so, I went back down Sierra while they continued to descend Felter.   I banged it all the way back to the start over in the Evergreen area and I didn't get lost.  Another first.  I did stop once and surprise (not), a male cyclist appeared from nowhere to see if I needed assistance.  Hmm, I ignored (barely) his ripe masculinity.  Another first.  His presence, though, did light my fire, and finally I was warm....

Just the Stats:

28 miles
3 hrs
9.5 mph avg
27.5 mph on descent

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hot on Ham

After weeks of cold days, we finally hit the jackpot for a most wonderfully warm day to climb Mt Hamilton on New Year's Day.  Most cyclists didn't bother with the usual garments but I'm a weenie -- though I didn't need the ski mask nor the green jacket for most of the ride.

I zipped up the mountain hoping to shatter my previous Low Key Hillclimb time back in 2009, only to lose a lot of time the last 5 miles, beginning at the intersection with Kincaid.  I scored the same time as then -- 2 hr 45 min.  I don't see vast improvement unless I'm willing to train ... not going to happen.  And thus, the realization that I will probably volunteer for next year's LKHC Mt Ham ride -- wouldn't want anyone to miss their dinner.

It was a treat biking with Miss P.  It was also a treat taking in the studly unshaven leather clad motorcyclist at the top.  I might have noticed The Boyfriend but he finished in 2 hrs and didn't stick around.  His loss, eh.  There were lots of cyclists on the climb but not the numbers I expected.  I wonder if they were off doing the other annual tradition -- the San Bruno climb.  And a parade of Porches and one Lamborghini.  Here's to another year of cycling adventures!  Happy New Year Miss P, Miss A (doing the San Bruno climb), and to the rest of you.