Thursday, December 29, 2011

Choo Choo All Aboard

BF:  I'd like to take you on a train ride.
Me:  Oh, I bet you'd like to take me.
BF:  Niles.  [ignoring my remark]
Me:  You'd like to take me on a train ride on the Nile!
BF:  Sigh.  No not the Nile.
Me:  The Orient Express, instead?
BFThe Train of Lights in Sunol and Niles Canyon!
Me:  Will I have a porter assigned just to me?
BF:  You're looking at him.

And boy it was fun, waiting at the train station in Sunol, a place we've biked through a number of times.

 Ah, the porter, aka The Boyfriend, who served me chardonnay from France.  What a beau. 

 Me, doing my best Donald Trump look, sort of.  We were out in an open car, in the dark starless night, a bit of mist creeping in, as we took in the beauty of the lit train maneuvering steadily around corners.  Once in awhile the horn sounded.  Choo choo. 

And it was pretty.  How different it looks at night from bike rides done in daylight along Niles Canyon.  A nice way to end the holiday break.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Wonderful Watsonville

The BF:  Not 5 miles into the ride and already men are coming on to you.
Me:  I know.  What can I say.
The BF:  Disgusting.
Me:  I shall flirt only with you, Mister.
The BF:  You better, Missy.

To which I did.  However, The Boyfriend said I was not permitted to repeat the naughty sweet nothings whispered in his ear.  Actually, what he said was, "That is sooo not going in your blog."

Today's outing began on Santa Theresa at Cottle, a little of the Tierra Bella and a little of Strawberry Fields bike tours.  The route included scenic Hecker Pass, Hazel Dell and Mt. Madonna, all of which smelled heavenly, the lovely scent of pine.  The canyons were cold but Watsonville brought warmth and sunshine.  We returned to the start as night fell upon us. Hopefully, The BF will let me flirt with him again on another ride.

Just the Stats:

77 miles
11,9 mph avg
31 mph on descent
6 hr 29 min

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Woody on Mines

5:15am:  zzzz.  dreaming about that Old Spice guy.
6:00am:  zzz.  dreaming about boy toys on the 4th floor of the library.
6:15am:  zzz.  dreaming about staying in bed with bon bons and cafe au lait.
6:30am:  oh alrighty, going to leave the warmth of my bed for an ACTC ride led by Mr. J.
Hrs later:  Realize I completely missed the Eclipse!  Sigh.

Ms. P and I fumbled in the cold to the start, our fingers practically falling off.  It's colder here than in parts of the East Coast.  I have a fondness for Livermore much as I do for Alviso.  When I think about wine country, I often think about Livermore more than Napa now.  It's beautiful country. 

Miss P. and I, after thawing out, began the ride on Mines Road with Mr. J and D&D.  Just the 4 of us.  At the junction (and cafe), Miss P. spotted Woody the Woodpecker!  Though he looks a bit different from the cartoon character of my childhood.  Actually, far more beautiful.

Without this club and Miss P., I would have stayed in bed and I would have missed an enjoyable outing with a lot visuals stuck firmly in my memory.  Later, The BF called from the airport, surprised that I encountered no men to flirt with; ha, I said, I saw some "wildlife" but occasionally I do focus on the riding.  But only occasionally.

Just the Stats:

58.50 miles
11.5 mph avg
27.5 mph descent
5 hr 5 min

Saturday, December 3, 2011


With the recent high winds and chilly temperatures, I contemplated leaving my warm inviting bed this morning to do a ride with my favorite biking buddies.  The other evening I was convinced that if I stepped outside with an umbrella, I'd land on the Moon in no time.   I lost power that night.  The morning was cold and the winds were variable but I joined the gang in Morgan Hill for a route that mirrored parts of the ACTC's Tierra Bella but also included Croy.  The sun shone brightly and that helped greatly.

Afterwards, we stopped off at Erik's Deli and surprise, we ran (well, not literally) into Donny's group.  Hello Miss A!  I wasn't hungry so I popped over to Starbucks ... wait, wait for it  -- yes I was served by a delicious boytoy.  He said to me, "What would you like, Hon?"  I kid you not.  You, I thought.  But I settled for a coffee.  I think he wanted to tip me....

Above, the view from my dining room.  A room with a view.  Fall has arrived and winter is on its way.  Thank you Miss P and Dr. G for a lovely 35 mile outing.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Biking with The Boyfriend

He: What's this I hear that you performed mouth to mouth on male cyclists yesterday atop Mt. Hamilton, the last of the LKHC climbs!
Me: Oh, did it make it into Velo News?
He: Sigh.
Me: It's true that I did attend to the needs of 2 male cyclists requiring attention.
He: Only 2?
Me: I now, I must be getting sloppy with my flirting....
He: Enough of this nonsense! No more fantasizing about unshaven male cyclists.
Me: I wouldn't dream of it.
He: And no more biking up Hwy 9 surrounded by a sea of testosterone.
Me: You're very handsome.
He: Don't try to distract me!
Me: No, Sir.
He: It's time I take you for a real ride.
Me: Oh oh, the return of The Stud.
He: Damn right, Missy.

What can I say. The Boyfriend took me, for a ride, that is. Coyote Creek Trail and onwards up Henry Coe. Though, I confess, I had a relapse, stopping 2.5 miles short of the summit to "chat" with a male cyclist. Until of course, The BF (on the return from the top) came barreling by. He was quite the gentleman on this ride, attending to my needs as well as being impressed by my improved biking speed. Alas, he'll be away for awhile on a business trip. Til we meet again, Stud.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

LKHC Kings Mountain

Please, please, no photographs. To those men who were subjected to my exposed bum and breasts, I do apologize, unless of course you enjoyed the entertainment.

Last week, we were treated to a super account of TC's strategy climbing Hwy 9 and the moments leading up to crossing the finish line.

Now, let's talk about my race report and strategy for this week's LKHC Kings Mtn.... already, I hear The Boyfriend sighing.

First, at the starting location at Canada Road and Edgewood, I stared longingly at the guy with the unshaven face. McDreamy, you don't stand a chance. After I wiped the drool off my lips and put my tongue back into my mouth and gathered my wits, I shamelessly flirted with a half dozen or so male cyclists. And that was my warm up.

We 24 women, rolled out to Kings Mtn., via Albion, a lovely neighborhood, to the starting point at Greer. And before I was ready, we were off. I shot passed Miss A only be overtaken by her soon after but I kept her in sight for a good mile or so. And that was really the extent of the action for me. And my strategy. Start. Climb. Finish.

So what was I thinking during this particular climb. Oh lookey, there's a tree. Oh lookey, there's another tree. Oh say, is that a dead squirrel in the road? Oh my the asphalt looks about the same as it did a few feet back. Gosh, I can't feel my toes. Dave said hi to me as he passed. Another guy said he liked my singing. Occasionally, I stepped on the gas. Mainly because my frigging toes were freezing and I wanted to be done.

Oh oh, there's The Second Kid (not the one I am usually battling with). I passed him and his famous dad. They caught up to me. Note to self: stop fantasizing about sexy unshaven man. Oh oh, the 200 meters or is feet sign came in view. Oh oh, time to blow past The Second Kid. Dad said something about sprinting. The Second Kid overtook me. But as The Boyfriend said later, and to which Dan the Man said last week, "Hey, you beat a Colwell." Very funny guys.

How'd I do?

2007 time: 43:29
2011 time: 40:37

It really is all about the Specialized Bike and the SRAM Apex gears.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

LKHC Hwy 9

We had a new coordinator for this week's LKHC Hwy 9 - Mr. Lane Parker, or should I say, General or Commander in Chief. He had the troops, I mean, groups, lined up in formation and ready to serve, I mean, roll, right on time. I was ready to drop and give him 20.

We had so many women this time that we formed our own group. Col. Parker, not to be confused with Col. Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick, told us that we shouldn't ride 3 a breast for safety reasons to which Miss. L replied, "Last time I checked, we only have 2...." Lane really was outstanding and we appreciate his service along with the other volunteers.

Yours truly was ever so excited to roll out in the 3rd group of 5 or 6 teams until of course at mile 2, the entire 4th group swarmed past me. And let's not forget the woman who stopped due to mechanical problems and also blew past me later. Sigh.

The rain held off, the skies cleared a bit, and we all stormed up Highway 9. Lookey, I'm surrounded by men (gosh what a surprise)....

Drum Roll 1: 2006 time - 61:33. Today -- 59:12

Drum Roll 2: I beat The Kid

Drum Roll 3: The French Maid joined our team.

Drum Roll 4: The real star of today's show -- Patt B. rode. We salute you.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Deer Everywhere

I decided against trying Hicks and Mt. Um for the first time until the neck strain fully heals. I was rewarded by Bambis and Jane Does everywhere. Ten of you scattered along Kennedy, making the end of the club ride a treat. If only they wouldn't stand so dumbly in the middle of the road. I chased each and every one of them into the woods and got lots of photos.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

LKHC Palomares The Kid and I

I dressed up for Hallowe'en (photo by Franz Kelsch) -- that's a spider on my jersey. I didn't get the memo to come as a French Maid; not only was she hot, she placed first in the women's category for this week's LKHC.

Once again, I found myself in the last group with the children. Good think I wasn't wearing a French Maid costume, eh....

I told The Kid that we were going to duke it out on Palomares. We shot off, me ahead of him. Then he passed me. I kept him in sight. I caught up to him. We talked strategy, yeah, the 12 year old (?) and the 47 year old just shooting the breeze. Like he needed pointers from me. Then he shot off. Fast learner ....

I caught up to him again. We talked a bit. Then off he went. He kept looking to see if I was still there. Yeah, Kid, I'm still here. I realized he was having fun while I was pushing myself. Without him, I might have slacked off.

Thanks to The Kid, I didn't place last. I was hoping to finish with a score of 30 minutes and came close at 31.24. I did it in 36 minutes at last week's trial run. And apparently, I now have the honor of 1st place as Most Consistent. Hmm....

Til we meet again, Kid. :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Reconnaissance on Palomares

L, A and I decided to check out Palomares in preparation for next week's LKHC. That's new for me to scope out the situation in advance. What a beautiful route:

Niles Canyon -->Palomares -->Palo Verde -->Dublin Canyon -->Foothill -->Main

Guess who we saw climbing in the other direction on Palomares! The Divine Miss M.

Guess who else we saw -- yes, you guessed it, divine male cyclists.

But far more interesting was the albino turkey or peacock (not sure) that I saw. Today wasn't a day to stop to take photos (after all we were on a mission). I wore my woolies (arm warmers and leggings; definitely a thumbs up) but the day became much too warm for them.

Next week's LKHC is going to be interesting with the opportunity to really floor it on the flat sections. Can't wait. Thanks A and L for a great day.

Just the Stats:

28.74 miles
29 mph on descent
12.1 mph avg
2 hr 23 m

Saturday, October 22, 2011

LKHC Bohlman Boys and Babes

Bohlman Busters waving to LKHC cyclists at registration.

Chris and I directed cyclists to turn onto Bohlman after they flew down Orbit. The photo doesn't capture the steepness and blind turn. An ACTC club ride led by Donny and Joan happened to be in the area and they stopped to cheer the 125 male and female cyclists who did this climb. How nice is that.

It was a joy to watch each rider at this junction. I wish I had the lungs and legs to do what they did. Next week, a new climb in the LKHC series -- Palomares. See you there.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

LKHC Page Mill Road

On our way, somewhere in Los Altos, to Arastradero, the starting point for the LKHC Page Mill Road event, Miss P. and I got a wee bit lost. [photo above by Josh; pretty low key, eh]

Define fortuitous: Lost in front of a fire station with buff firemen ready to serve ....

But Miss P. whipped out her handy dandy Android thingy to steer us back on track.
Because, after all, we are self sufficient, independent women.
And because, well, men really are only good for one thing. oh oh, I'm in trouble now.
Still, the thoughts I had about those firemen coming to our rescue.
Focus, damn it, focus on the biking, The Boyfriend says from our neighbors to the north.

Alas, we showed up on time. Dan the Man organized us by groups. First up to go, children and us. Sigh, don't even ask. But, it was a treat to be surrounded by cyclists as we biked up Page Mill Road. Got my engines fired up. All those delicious men. Yeah, they motivated me alrighty. Focus, damn it, focus, The Boyfriend, says again from the country to the our north. Oh but I was, Mister ....

What a lovely day to be out. I've been confined to my home due to a relentless kewtie that invaded my body. Guess who I saw coming down Page Mill! Mr. S. How swell. And then, later, at the top, I ran into Thomas, who I met on the Eastern Sierras trip. And I also met Laura Hipp, a sweet woman. Plus, Miss A and Miss L were on board. I also got to try out my new SmartWool arm warmers with their girly green colored flowers. Very feminine. Matched my jersey and looked good with my nicely painted nails. Because these things matter.... But the day was much to warm to keep them on for long.

Nearing the top, a cyclist on the way down said, "Great job." Of course that's code for "I'd like to get your number." Oh oh, The BF may get on the next flight out to have a talk with me ....

How'd I do? Well, the results are not posted but I may have shaved 10 minutes off my LKHC 2006 time. Not bad for someone not firing on all cylinders and distracted by firemen and cyclists full of testosterone. Oh oh, The BF is probably in the air somewhere ready to have a talk with me....

Thank you Miss P for riding with me today.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Danke Schoen LKHC Montebello

How low key looking is that, the pic of me. Speaking of Low Key -- our team for the LKHC series has dwindled to just 2 -- the tortoise and the hare. Still, our team of 2 managed to place 16 out of 43 (not bad given that the first 10 or so teams have multiple team mates).

I sort of really tried this time to put some effort into it. The plan was to at least beat The Kid. He's about my level of competition, sad as that is to note. 12 other women participated and they were simply swell. All together, there were 127 cyclists for the first ride of the LKHC 2011 series.

But enough about biking. Let's talk about my nails which aren't visible in the photo. Lovely cherry color to match my outfit. I spotted some newbies, some young men, their first time doing the series. As a veteran, I naturally felt that it was my duty to break them in ....

Focus on the biking, The Boyfriend says. I beat my last recorded LKHC time back in 2008. Then: 55.58. Now, 54:53. I received a standing ovation when I cross the finish line. Oh alrighty, they were already standing .... still, despite placing last and not beating the kid, I did a decent job and more importantly, my nail polish looked outstanding.

Danke Schoen Montebello, thank you for the joy and pain. Til we meet again, next week Sierra Road.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Devil's Postpile and Lake Mary

Wednesday, September 14th

We're in Mammoth Lakes now, about to climb to Minaret Summit (9,265 elevation) and onward to Devil's Postpile. We're all feeling a bit fatigued, not because of the altitude or climbing but most likely due to Happy Hour!

The climb and descent into Devil's Postpile was trying but I revved up when the construction workers whistled at me. Warm climbing, cold descending....

Next up, some more climbing to reach Lake Mary.

A bike trail allowed us to bike around Lake Mary plus a few other lakes. It is so pretty here and bike friendly, too; I almost don't want to leave. Once again, the storm clouds gathered and this time, we were hit with spitting cold rain but luckily only for about 15 minutes and at the end of the day's ride.

Tioga Pass

Tuesday, September 13th

Today, the gang, a wonderful mix of ACTC and Western Wheelers cyclists, climbed Tioga Pass into Yosemite National Park. Again, we started at 8:30am, this year though to finish before the afternoon thunderstorms, whereas last year, the early start was to beat the heat.

Sign says 9,000 feet. Final elevation was 9,943 with 4500 feet of climbing.

In Yosemite, and feeling the temperature drop. Brrr. Soon after, Ed caught up to me:

Ed: What's a pretty girl like you doing in a park like this?
Me: When's Happy Hour, Mister!

Time to descend.

The clouds moved in. More descending. A bit tricky with no guard rail. The rain came just as I came off the mountain. It was refreshing. The Boyfriend, however, got the brunt of it. Sometimes it pays to be a slow rider. :)

Friday, September 16, 2011

Land of Lakes

Monday, September 12th

A day of cycling around lakes. Only 2100 feet of climbing but with breathtaking views.

June Lake above.

Gull Lake above.

The famous Mono Lake.

Here in the Eastern Sierras

Sunday, September 11th

I chose to remember the anniversary of a horrible day in a meaningful way that made sense to me -- appreciating the beauty of the terrain I found myself in and in the company of new cycling friends plus the man I love (no puking allowed with this mushy bit).

So where am I? In the Eastern Sierras, at June Lake. Thank you Dick and Donna, fabulous hosts, for putting this trip together. Getting ahead of myself, thank you Dick and Donna again for the daily afternoon cocktail hour....

Today's ride with an elevation of 8,000 feet and 4,000 feet of climbing included Lundy Lake (above) and Virginia Lake. 6-8% grade. Altitude? What altitude? Too clueless to feel the effects.

Okay, people, guess who got a rear tire flat half way through the ride! And guess who fixed it with the help of Carl, a fellow cyclist! Moi, moi, moi! Okay, I'm done with the exclamation point.

I wasn't about to do Virginia Lake with a less than optimal tire pressure. So I took this photo as I contemplated what to do next, seeing the rain clouds coming in, as is the pattern for this part of the world.

Guess who showed up to rescue me, once again. You guessed it, the man, otherwise known as The Boyfriend. He had just finished Virginia Lake (telling me it was cold, steep and verging on rainy conditions). He flew down the highway to get the car and take me back to our lovely lodgings in June Lake.

Meanwhile, there were passerbys who also wanted to save me. What can I say? Back at the hotel, while pumping up the tire, I broke the stem, and so, The BF and I had to replace the tube all over again. Sigh. The BF gave me a lesson in how to use the CO2 cartridge for future flats. Later that same evening, he gave me some other lessons which I can not share....

Monday, August 22, 2011

A Walk and a Bike Tour in Napa

Saturday, August 20th

It only took 6 girls to help me cross the river in Napa Bothe State Park, in you guessed it, Napa. They also showed me the catch of the day in the orange bucket -- crawfish. The Boyfriend and I did a 4 mile hike with an elevation of 1170. In the evening, we met up with Miss A for dinner. She is going to do the Tour of Napa Valley 100m for the first time tomorrow.

Sunday, August 21st

The Boyfriend dragged me out of bed at some ridiculous hour to do the Tour of Napa Valley. (100K for us). The morning was a blur which probably explains how before I knew it, I had already done 34 miles and was at the lunch stop where I passed The Boyfriend who was just leaving.

I met a cool woman from Nevada -- with lots of tattoos on her legs. She was loads of fun and we stayed together for most of the tour. Along the way, my chain slipped. Before I knew it, before I even blinked, a man appeared and said, "Let me put your chain back on. You don't want to dirty your hands or the white handlebar tape." Unbelievable, The Boyfriend said, later. I also met another guy from Davis who rode with me up Ink Grade. Before I knew it, before I even blinked, we were done with that climb. I met this other guy, too, on the climb, and we discussed whether there'd be cocktails waiting for us at the top. Sigh, The Boyfriend said, later.

Before I knew it, before I even blinked, I was done with the tour, finishing the 67 mile course in 5 hr 7 min. And exactly 1 hr after The Boyfriend's time. We didn't see Miss A but she had fun and saw the divine Miss M along the way.

It was a lovely weekend getaway.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Geysers in Geyserville

Friday, August 19

The Boyfriend and I did the Geysers, beginning in, you guessed it, Geyserville. The Santa Rosa Cycling Club has a description of the route.

The 47 mile route is rather remote and stunning. At one point, you can see the geothermal power plant with all its pipes. Pretty remarkable. Read more about The Geysers. Glad we did this breathtaking bike ride and the start of our weekend getaway.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Time for Tam

We began the ACTC ride led by Donny in typical San Francisco summer weather -- cold and foggy. Our destination -- Mt. Tam, a climb I've wanted to do for some time. The route included Sausalito, Highway 1, and Stinson Beach. Can one ever tire of the beauty of this area? Made even more special with a great gang of cyclists, including Miss A and The Boyfriend.

Cycling up Mt Tam


Back to the start, late afternoon. A typical summer's day in San Francisco.

Just the stats:

5125 ft of climbing

54 miles

5 hr 30 min

9.4 mph avg

25 miles on descent

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Misty in Marin Again

Like last year, The Boyfriend and I set off on the Marin Century at 6:30am despite my pleas, under a foggy ceiling and chilly temperatures. But I was warmed by the memory of the night before by the Gelato Guy in San Rafael who wanted me to sample his goods. Ah, the subtle and intriguing taste of blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon and the honey lavender ... Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

Once the past the first climb, The BF shot off (passing many cyclists) to do the traditional 100M while I stuck with the 100K. On the descent, I dropped my chain. Arrgh. Naturally, a nice looking male cyclist came to my aid ... and good thing, I was having difficulties because I managed to put a kink in it. Kinky, hmm, a topic I could ... Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

At the first rest stop, a man came up to me (you don't say The BF comments):

He: I recognize you. You were at the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge.
Me: Yes.
He: I'm doing the Napa ride next. Will I see you there?
Me: Oh, perhaps.

At the same rest stop, a woman came up to me:

She: Love your nails.
Me: Funny, The BF did too, last night ...

Oh oh, I'm in trouble now. Is there going to be anything about biking in this blog entry, The BF wonders.

Ah, I could not top the cross dresser volunteer (at the water and gatorade station) at the Petaluma stop. He was a scream, talking in an effeminate voice, and calling out to cyclists to come have a taste of his juices. My kind of guy....

At the last stop, I chatted with a male volunteer (you don't say The BF comments):

He: How did you find the signage this year?
Me: Well, it was fine except going into Petaluma, I followed a bunch of guys and we got lost.
He: You should have followed a woman!
Me: And they wouldn't look at the map or ask for directions either.
He: Well, duh. You should have followed a woman.

Back to the biking. Finally, The BF says. The Marin ride is challenging for its rollers. The BF on the 100M route also has the Marshall Wall, somewhat like Metcalf in the South Bay, but longer, and tiring so late in the game. I was curious as to how I would do given I was on a different bike than last year, post surgery and only really getting into the swing of things these past few months. Interestingly, I was 3 minutes slower than last year. The Boyfriend, once again, came in about an hour after me with 40 more miles under his pedals. Wow. And despite getting lost (not because he should have followed a woman) but because his route was not well marked.

Always, a fun time on this ride made special by the good food and great volunteers.

Just the Stats:

12.5 mph avg
31.5 mph descent
59 miles
3,830 ft of climbing
4 hr 43 min

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Challenge

You probably think I'm going to talk about the challenge of doing the Santa Cruz Mountains Challenge today, as in by mile 10, we'd already climbed 3,500 feet. Good Gosh no, people. The challenge had to do with how many male encounters I could possibly have, in which I did nothing along the lines of encouragement over a 62 mile course. The odds were stacked in my favor given that this ride is dominated by the opposite sex.

Oh alrighty, let's talk about the biking but only for a moment. We were enveloped in the dense marine layer for the first few hours; the temperature chilly and the air heavy with mist and big juicy rain drops. My glasses fogged up quite a lot thus causing me to stop frequently and thus, you guessed it, for men to behave gallantly and offer assistance.

At times, the sun and blue sky would appear and off came my layers, thus causing me to stop, and you guessed it, for men to behave gallantly and offer assistance.... Oh my Gosh, a woman ahead of me on Jamison Creek stood the whole way on the climb. What a babe.

Even at the end, in line for the fabulous burrito, the server told me that he recognized me from Rest Stop #2. So, how many men did I meet without really trying? Let's just say, I lost count. This is a challenge, I mean the route of course. You will be tested but if I am able to do it, year after year (and it was certainly somewhat easier this year on the Specialized Ruby compact), then, I ask that you think about it next year.

Guess who I saw at the end of the ride. The Boyfriend! He completed the 100 mile course. He is of course the only man I really noticed and the only encounter I wanted. Still, everyone on the course from the volunteers to the riders were super.

Just the Stats:

7,823 ft of climbing
62.72 miles
32.5 mph max on descent
9.8 mph avg
6 hr 22 min

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Going to the Garlic Capital of the World

Sometimes nothing special happens on a bike ride (rarely of course in my case) but you still feel that it was remarkable. Perhaps it was because of the friendly club members or because everything went smoothly and we lucked out with the headwinds dying out on the last leg of our journey. Today, we rode to Gilroy, the garlic capital of the world! I love the stinking rose. The route consisted mostly of rollers with just 2 climbs (Buffalo and Croy).

Miss P captured The Shot -- a bed of flowers (a farm) bursting with color on Hecker Pass Highway. Stunning. Me, I only took one photo of the group. The Boyfriend, who didn't join this outing, expects me to ramble on about all the men I met. But no, I am saving myself for next weekend's outing -- the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge. Hold on, I did pass 9 male cyclists stopped on the side of the road fixing a flat. Well, hopefully it didn't take all 9 of them ... naturally they noticed me. Where have you been all my life, they no doubt wondered.... Oh, and I stopped traffic on Hecker Pass Highway -- thus, allowing me to cross safely. Wasn't that swell.

Just the Stats:

65.75 miles

13.4 mph avg

26.5 mph descent

4 hr 54 min

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hiccup on the way to Hicks

The route planned by Miss Millie, one of our club leaders, was to go there (Mt Um above).

But first up Via Santa Teresa/Scenic Vista, a 640' climb in 1.1 miles with Mt. Um once again in the distance. New climb for me and for The Boyfriend too who came along for the ride. Scenic Vista was a bit of struggle but a nice club member helped me get up it. Note to BF: ahem, keep that in mind. Next up -- over to Hicks Rd East (1,120' in 1.7 miles), a climb I have not done in quite some time.

Left on my own after descending Scenic Vista rather slowly, I once again proved that you should not leave me on my own because I promptly got lost. I meandered around and took the time to smell the roses. I figured that if I got hopelessly lost, I'd surely meet a man who would show me the way. Eventually I made it up Hicks where The BF was waiting after having already done Mt. Um. The cooler temperature meant no flies buzzing around one's head as one sweated up the hill. On the way down the other side of Hicks, I hooked up with Dr. G and before we knew it, the ride was over. Short but sweet.