Monday, January 21, 2013

Catch Me If You Can

Me:  A ferocious beast chased me on Stevens Canyon!
The BF:  What, those hens and rooster .. hee hee.
Me:  It was horrible I tell you.  Horrible.  The Beast chased me for a 1/4 of a mile.
The BF:  It was one of those pseudo dogs, wasn't it, the kind rich women put in their bags.
Me:  Maybe. 

Me:  Lookey, snow in Stevens Canyon!  It was probably 35 degrees but I was toasty in my wool.
The BF:  You were having a hot flash, weren't you.
Me:  Maybe.

 Me:  I took a wrong turn but two male cyclists chased me down and steered me right.
The BF:  Wait a minute Missy, only I am your knight in shining spandex.
Me:  Maybe.

What a club ride!  Thanks to Miss P for suggesting I come along.  We did Stevens Canyon, Mt. Eden, Pierce, two killer hills (Peach and Lancaster), and bits of Hwy 9.  I met lots of nice club members and old friends too, hello Dick and Donna!  The temperature was all over the place depending if you were in the sun or the shade. But I was, wait, wait for it, warm in my woolies.  Miss P. worried that I got separated and lost from the pack, but, no, I was out in front, ahead of the gang, with two fellas. Surprise, surprise.  Unfortunately, after a spiffy bike chain clean lesson at Miss P's house yesterday and hose down of our bikes, our bikes got all muddy on Stevens Canyon.  Still, a fabulous outing (32 miles) with the club.

Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Coast is Clear

 Last night we found ourselves at the Comfort Inn in merry Marina.  Today, we found ourselves in Castroville on our way to Pt. Lobos State Park to celebrate club members' birthdays, including mine!

Borrowing from George Thorogood:
On the day I was born 
The nurses all gathered 'round 
And they gazed in wide wonder 
At the joy they had found 
The head nurse spoke up and said:
"Watch out for this little tyke
When she grows up
She's gonna be Bad on the Bike"

What a spectacular day!  The weather was perfect.  Minh brought birthday goodies for everyone.  

 At our last stop, we met a woman.  I told her it was my birthday and I was now a 49er. To which she replied that she was 96!  This woman was absolutely remarkable.   When we grow up, we all want to be like her.  

Ah, food porn at the Paris Bakery in Monterey.  Thank you Miss P for making this the best birthday of my life save for the time my mom baked me a cake in the shape of a cat.  Yesterday at work, a co-worker gave me a herb plant -- mint.  All these treats.  I feel special.  Thank you.  And thank you club members for a memorable day.

Just the Stats:

63.73 miles
5 hr. 26 min
11.6 avg mph
28 mph on descent

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Decked out in Wool

Last night, a violent and short lived rainstorm quickly swept through the Bay Area causing my home to shake and I was ever so scared so I hid under the comforter cuddling with my boy toy.

The BF:  Wait a minute, I was on a business trip!
Me:  Oh no, then who was that masked man ... oops.

Oh alrighty, perhaps I was alone beneath the sheets.  Meanwhile, who wants to go on a club ride with a starting temperature of 41 degrees and maybe a high of 50?  Me, me, me!!  Yeah, right....

But I did, along with the support of Miss P and Dr. G. and lots of other brave souls.  We opted to do the 35 mile ride weaving through Santa Teresa, Baily, McKean, Uvas Oak Glen and so forth.  I wish I had snapped a photo or two of downtown Morgan Hill.  It's cute looking with a mixed theme of cowboy and urban. 

As for wool.  Can't say enough about this lovely fabric.  I wore two wool base layers, wool gloves, two pairs of wool knee warmers along with a fleece cap, fleece jersey and windbreaker.  Wool, it does my body good.  And so too would a good man....  Though right now, a steaming mug of hot chocolate sounds good. 

Just the Stats:

35 miles
12.7 avg mph
27 mph descending
2 hr 45 min

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mounting Mt. Hamilton

I had hoped to start the New Year biking Mt. Ham with Miss P but she was sick.  I settled on The Boyfriend instead....  I sped up the first 4 miles or so, leaving him far behind.  Of course he caught up to me (despite a lingering cold) and left me far behind.  [Photo above and below at mile 11].

I see a dancer with her arm reaching for the sky and her leg extended behind her nicely shaped torso. 

At mile 11, I decided to turn around.  I was feeling good as well as warm in my woolies but I wanted to save my energy for sex afterwards ....

The BF:  Wait a minute, we didn't have sex afterwards.
Me:  Oh, did you think I meant with you?   hee hee hee.

The Boyfriend said there was snow at the top and obviously, the temperature was very cold.  Good thing I turned around.  Afterwards, we had coffee, his treat.  Good start to the new year.