Friday, November 25, 2011

Biking with The Boyfriend

He: What's this I hear that you performed mouth to mouth on male cyclists yesterday atop Mt. Hamilton, the last of the LKHC climbs!
Me: Oh, did it make it into Velo News?
He: Sigh.
Me: It's true that I did attend to the needs of 2 male cyclists requiring attention.
He: Only 2?
Me: I now, I must be getting sloppy with my flirting....
He: Enough of this nonsense! No more fantasizing about unshaven male cyclists.
Me: I wouldn't dream of it.
He: And no more biking up Hwy 9 surrounded by a sea of testosterone.
Me: You're very handsome.
He: Don't try to distract me!
Me: No, Sir.
He: It's time I take you for a real ride.
Me: Oh oh, the return of The Stud.
He: Damn right, Missy.

What can I say. The Boyfriend took me, for a ride, that is. Coyote Creek Trail and onwards up Henry Coe. Though, I confess, I had a relapse, stopping 2.5 miles short of the summit to "chat" with a male cyclist. Until of course, The BF (on the return from the top) came barreling by. He was quite the gentleman on this ride, attending to my needs as well as being impressed by my improved biking speed. Alas, he'll be away for awhile on a business trip. Til we meet again, Stud.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

LKHC Kings Mountain

Please, please, no photographs. To those men who were subjected to my exposed bum and breasts, I do apologize, unless of course you enjoyed the entertainment.

Last week, we were treated to a super account of TC's strategy climbing Hwy 9 and the moments leading up to crossing the finish line.

Now, let's talk about my race report and strategy for this week's LKHC Kings Mtn.... already, I hear The Boyfriend sighing.

First, at the starting location at Canada Road and Edgewood, I stared longingly at the guy with the unshaven face. McDreamy, you don't stand a chance. After I wiped the drool off my lips and put my tongue back into my mouth and gathered my wits, I shamelessly flirted with a half dozen or so male cyclists. And that was my warm up.

We 24 women, rolled out to Kings Mtn., via Albion, a lovely neighborhood, to the starting point at Greer. And before I was ready, we were off. I shot passed Miss A only be overtaken by her soon after but I kept her in sight for a good mile or so. And that was really the extent of the action for me. And my strategy. Start. Climb. Finish.

So what was I thinking during this particular climb. Oh lookey, there's a tree. Oh lookey, there's another tree. Oh say, is that a dead squirrel in the road? Oh my the asphalt looks about the same as it did a few feet back. Gosh, I can't feel my toes. Dave said hi to me as he passed. Another guy said he liked my singing. Occasionally, I stepped on the gas. Mainly because my frigging toes were freezing and I wanted to be done.

Oh oh, there's The Second Kid (not the one I am usually battling with). I passed him and his famous dad. They caught up to me. Note to self: stop fantasizing about sexy unshaven man. Oh oh, the 200 meters or is feet sign came in view. Oh oh, time to blow past The Second Kid. Dad said something about sprinting. The Second Kid overtook me. But as The Boyfriend said later, and to which Dan the Man said last week, "Hey, you beat a Colwell." Very funny guys.

How'd I do?

2007 time: 43:29
2011 time: 40:37

It really is all about the Specialized Bike and the SRAM Apex gears.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

LKHC Hwy 9

We had a new coordinator for this week's LKHC Hwy 9 - Mr. Lane Parker, or should I say, General or Commander in Chief. He had the troops, I mean, groups, lined up in formation and ready to serve, I mean, roll, right on time. I was ready to drop and give him 20.

We had so many women this time that we formed our own group. Col. Parker, not to be confused with Col. Mustard, in the library, with the candlestick, told us that we shouldn't ride 3 a breast for safety reasons to which Miss. L replied, "Last time I checked, we only have 2...." Lane really was outstanding and we appreciate his service along with the other volunteers.

Yours truly was ever so excited to roll out in the 3rd group of 5 or 6 teams until of course at mile 2, the entire 4th group swarmed past me. And let's not forget the woman who stopped due to mechanical problems and also blew past me later. Sigh.

The rain held off, the skies cleared a bit, and we all stormed up Highway 9. Lookey, I'm surrounded by men (gosh what a surprise)....

Drum Roll 1: 2006 time - 61:33. Today -- 59:12

Drum Roll 2: I beat The Kid

Drum Roll 3: The French Maid joined our team.

Drum Roll 4: The real star of today's show -- Patt B. rode. We salute you.