Saturday, April 18, 2015

Tackling the Ham

No club rides today interested me so I decided a Mt. Hamilton ride was in order.  Some of the hillside remained green along with a nice display of wildflowers and butterflies. 

The yellow stuff was everywhere.  Probably hiding the aliens.

The observatory mocks me at mile 12.  I sort of lost interest climbing to the top because an idea came to me... I love my excuses.

This is probably where the aliens bathe.

The idea that came to me was to bike up Quimby to scope out the section that the Amgen TOC cyclists will climb next month.

Right before the summit on Quimby is an open area that affords views of Mt. Ham as well as the road.  (Hence the arrows that are hard to see).  Haven't decided if this is the place to be for Stage 3.  We have a lot of choices to consider.  26.5 miles later, my solo adventure ended.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Walk Among the Flowers

After spending a few hours in Gilroy helping with the Tierra Bella bike ride, I drove back to San Jose and up Sierra Road to return to the preserve I visited with friends a few months ago.  This time I went in the other direction, thus encountering more rugged territory but softened by wildflowers growing in the meadows and in the crevices of the rocky slopes.

Our state flower popped up everywhere. 

I managed not to freak out with the heights thanks to the new walking poles I bought.  They helped me feel safe and balanced (words generally not used to describe me) plus they seemed to help get up the climbs faster.  Or maybe it was the wind pushing me along.  It swooped in from time to time.

Close up of the flower that appeared on the hillsides.  Haven't a clue what it is.  But I can tell you it was yellow with five petals.

Probably can't see but there's a mountain biker in this photo.  Here's more information about Sierra Open Space Preserve  Time for a nap.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

I am a Worker Bee

Adorable.  I want one for Christmas.  No silly,  not the animal, like where  would I put them, but, an Alpaca sweater would be nice.

Today, Miss P, The Boyfriend and I joined other club members to check the routes for next weekend's Tierra Bella.  We want participants to have a safe ride and great experience.  The early morning start brought nippy temperatures and the remainder of the ride was also on the cool side.  But we were blessed with flowers popping up everywhere.  Hope they're still around next weekend.  I did 55 miles in 4 hr. 36 min. and hit one descent going 31.5 mph; definitely getting back in shape.  It was a nice outing.