Saturday, May 31, 2014

The Other White House

The curvy road stands for, well in my overly imaginative mind, "S."  As in, Super Babe is back in her Specialized saddle pedaling away.

I was definitely a tortoise climbing hills today with fellow club cyclists as we meandered up Mt. Ham, stopping off at Grant Ranch, something I've never done.  Naturally, I met a good looking fella, a cyclist with a thick Scottish accent who helped me park my bike correctly in the bike stand by the restroom.  Sometimes, it pays to be a bit daft....

In my overly imaginative mind, I was forced to walk the plank.  Why, well ... wait for it.

Step through the gate to see ....

From the lawn, I zoomed in to capture the observatory.
Next, we turned around and climbed Quimby, the easier but still difficult side, and something I've not done in all the times I've climbed Mt. Hamilton.  Loved it.  Naturally, there was a firetruck parked on the side of the road with a fireman for me to drool over.  Good to be back on the bike again and to be out once again with Miss P and Mr. G.  Good to be home doing the things I love.