Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back in Black

Check out Charlotte's bitchin' fangs. Inspires me to be a bitchin' cyclist. Not quite there yet. And I wore blue not black but I did alrighty today hanging with fellow ACTC cyclists. There were 15 of us -- we split up in groups of 3 to do or not do Black Road, Montevina, and Soda Springs, all off Bear Creek Road/Lexington Reservoir/Hwy 17. It was my first time biking Black Road and I did fine except having to stop to walk a bit at one point. It's about 5.3 miles, 1780 feet of climbing and 6-10% grade. S & P went on to do more climbing (clearly they're bitchin') but like AC always tells me, "Be happy" and I was until I got home and I felt the strain in my tushy. I shall refrain from bitching....

Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Return of the Mega Monster Enduro

I want to rock and roll all night and party every day (Kiss) but to do so and to remain a sex kitten (don't tell anyone but I'm now 46), I need to get on the bike now and then. So, this morning, I set off to meet my fellow cyclists in Paicines for the Mega Monster Enduro ride.

Dazzling green rolling hills but before we start --- the drive down Hwy 101 was blanketed in dense fog. I missed the exit for CA 25 Hollister and as I drove down the highway, I briefly contemplated going to Mexico or maybe Santa Barbara. I eventually landed in the vicinity and was thrilled to hug our Grand Marshall Kevin who flew all the way from the East Coast to spearhead this event. Off my little tushy went with little fanfare not knowing how I'd do on the 100k ride. It's a deceptive ride, full of climbs, rollers, flats, and sometimes a lot of wind.

I was assigned the number 21. Which reminds me.... Yesterday, a male student got in the elevator with me. He said, "I thought we were going up." Me with a wicked smile on my sticky lips replied, "We're going down, Mister." And the doors closed..... The Boyfriend is shaking his head. Focus focus on the biking he says.

Have no idea who he is but I asked if I could take him home with me. The Boyfriend is shaking his head and saying focus woman, focus on the frigging biking. Okey dokey, The BF got 2 flats in the first 25 miles and I witnessed other boys getting flats. Me, no way Jose, not with my tank tires. Hee hee.

On and on and on. More scenery to give you an idea of the ride. Sad thing is that the divine Ms. M and her troopers along with Mr. Bill passed me on the way going out and they passed me on the way going back. Sigh, because they did the 100 mile. Hey, despite being all over the place with my speed, I felt that I did a good job being that I have not done 64 miles since Levi's Grand Fondo back in October. And we've had a lot of rain to hamper our outings.

Lots of cows out in their pasture. I sang to them. I am amazed that a stampede did not ensue.

What's a bike ride without a helicopter scene? Poll out about Valentine's Day. Clearly, I'm not focusing on the biking.... Who would you rather spend VDay with -- your lover or your pet? Her name is Charlotte and she has the most adorable pink nose. Years ago, she and her sister (who has passed way) would bring me dead insects, you know, dump them at my feet. Ah, true love.

Just the stats, Ma'am. Less wind than 2008 but still quite the outing!

64 miles
29 mph fastest speed on a descent
12.2 mph avg
5 hr 13 min

Thursday, February 4, 2010


As usual, quite the experience.

My photos don't capture the mesmerizing mind blowing show. Watch the OVO trailer to get an idea.

The weirdest and most delightful act for me was the slinky thing. It's not in the video. Glad I had the opportunity to see the show with my friend AG.