Saturday, June 30, 2012

Quiet Time

Nice day to walk around beloved Alviso.

 Won't be biking for awhile so I'm seeing the world on happy feet.

Well, after a few miles or so, my feet became unhappy.  I miss being on my bike, riding with my friends, doing club rides but hopefully soon, once a health issue clears up.  Meanwhile, it was a nice day to walk around beloved Alviso.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Sand and Surf

 To the beach we go.  But first, we need a beach ball.  This one will do nicely.  I like big balls, don't you.

Some of the club members enjoying lunch at Manresa State Beach in Aptos.  What a great route -- flying down Soquel San Jose, meandering over to San Andreas Road, and doing sections of the Strawberry Fields Forever bike tour.  We lost Joan early on due to a mechanical failure. 

 The temperature was on the cool side with the sea breeze.  Watsonville turned out to be warm.  We passed the airport and the dump.  On Buena Vista, we came across field after field of strawberries.  Lovely.

Our host Donny made sure I didn't get lost or run off with men in wetsuits.  Darn that Donny.  I had a swell time biking with Miss P., AC, and with some other club members I hadn't seen in awhile.    Eureka Canyon was tiring towards the end. As usual, despite thinking I was banging it, I finished last. 

Just the Stats:

4534 ft of climbing
62.64 miles
30 mph descent
11.2 avg mph
5 hr. 34 min.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alpaca Sighting

What a wonderful club outing I had today with the support of Donny, Joan and Miss P., plus 23 other cyclists.  The weather was perfect for our ride that included Buffalo, Croy, Redwood Retreat,  a somewhat steep 1.1 miles of Mt. Madonna (off Redwood), and sections of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Miss P and I endured over 20 miles of headwinds on the return.  Let me tell you, headwinds are nothing compared to hot flashes and night sweats.  You got that right, Mister.  The Alpaca were lovely but I did not capture them as I wished.   They came up close to us and flirted wildly in a most adorable way.

Just the Stats:

68.29 miles
29 mph descent
11.5 mph avg
5 hr 55 min