Saturday, July 28, 2012

Um I Did It

Yay, I made it up Hicks East (sans flies swirling about my head) and Mt. Um.  Please, please, no applause.  But if you'd like to send over a few boy toys ...   

 Lookey, there it is, looming ahead.  I did stop once on Hicks to catch my breath. 

I didn't do the last bit of Mt. Um.  Miss P. informed me later at the club ice cream social that the road surface is poor and it is the steepest part.  You see, by the time I began climbing, everyone else was coming down off the mountain and I didn't want to be alone and I am not up to speed completely; so, it shall perhaps be a goal for another day.  Photo above and below -- descending Mt. Um.

After the social, I zipped over to the bike store to have them take a look at the front brake release.  It was stiff and hard to release.  First, the very pretty young sales girl said my bike was just smashing.  Thank you, I think so, too.  Then she asked how I felt about the SRAM Apex gears.  Love 'em.  Then she took me to the bike mechanic.  OMG, he was so handsome and 7 feet tall.   Okay, maybe 6'5

Me:  I need some service.
He:  I bet you do.
Me:  It's the brake release.
He:  My, it's tight.
Me:  Yes, I know.
He:  I'd like to show you have to do it yourself.
Me:  Oh I already know how do it myself.
He:  I see.  Let me get my tools.
Me:  Can't wait.
He:  Is it hot in here?
Me:  Quite hot.

He was ever so impressed that I did the two climbs, even if I didn't quite make it to the top.  As it turned out, he needed a teenie weenie tool and he couldn't locate it.  So I left the bike with him.  He called later to let me know that the release needed some lube and that he cleaned out some grit and dirt, too.  I wasn't charged because I had mentioned earlier that later in August, I would need a tune up.  Super!  I did indeed receive excellent service.  Tomorrow, I'll pick it up.  Alas, he won't be there. 

Just the stats:

43 miles
10.6 avg mph
32 mph descending

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Meandering to the Market

The route:  Campbell to Roberts Market in Woodside, via Highway 9, Pierce, Mt. Eden, Stevens Canyon, Foothill, Arastradero, Alpine, Portola, Whiskey Hill, Sand Hill, Junipero Serra.  Miss P. and I bike at a speed that is generally not the same rhythm as the rest of the pack, so, on today's club outing, we soon found ourselves on our own.  We bike to our own merry cadence.  Our way.  We made it to the market and back to the start thanks to Miss P.'s excellent navigation skills.  And we had fun even though it was a tad too hot.  And of course, many male cyclists were out and about for me to have fun with and to make things even hotter.  The Boyfriend probably now wishes he had come along.... 

This was my second ride in a month after being off the bike due to health issues.  I'm getting there.  Miss P. did an additional 10 miles. 

Just the Stats:

60 miles
31.5 mph max
12.1 mph avg
4 hrs. 57 min

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Back on Bache

First time back on the bike.  Yay!  It was very difficult but I was determined.  Still working on health issues but in the meantime, time for fun.  And what better way than to do one of Donny's club rides. 

Hard to see but the gang is waiting for me on Mt. Bache.  We did Old Santa Cruz Highway over to Mt. Bache.  The group continued to Capitola but that was too much for me.  I had a few anxiety attacks which wasn't good for the heart and I felt winded at times but I had the wonderful support of Donny, Joan, and Miss P. to keep me afloat.  Yay!

Two days ago we were in the midst of a mini heat wave and today we had our natural air conditioner, the coastal fog.   I managed 37 miles.  Not going to win any awards in the speed department but I am giving myself a gold star for meeting my goal of getting back on the bike.  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beat It

I spent the morning in Woodside being a volunteer with Beat the Clock, a time trial event that raises money in the fight against cancer.  We had a good show of support today with male and female cyclists out to strut their stuff and contribute to this cause.  OMG, a fine looking cyclist gave me a smile as he took off from the starting line.  And another guy winked at me.  I practically peed in my panties.  I think they appreciated the attention, me jumping up and down and being all girly.  Really though, I was more interested in observing the female cyclists soar.   Go chicks!  Besides,  I have a boyfriend and he's a mighty fine peacock who struts his plumage nicely, thank you very much.

Afterwards, I went on a hike with Miss A and Miss M and her dog.  We went over to Alpine Road and encountered quite a few mountain bikers.  It's the route The Boyfriend often does when he's out on his mountain bike.  I want a mountain bike.   A Specialized FSR Myka full suspension.  With zebra stripes.  And a dash of purple.

Miss A. was a very berry babe and ate a few.  Not me because I'm weenie and probably would end up with food poisoning. 

Miss A was a fearless leader who took us through the wood safely.  We did almost 5 miles.  Thank you Miss A for suggesting that I volunteer for Beat the Clock.  Any time we get involved, whether with this particular event or something else that moves you, we contribute to a better world, wouldn't you agree.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Blowing in the Wind

The last several years, I've spent the 4th of July with club members at the ACTC Pancake Breakfast.  This year, since I'm not cleared to ride a bike yet, I decided to walk Windy Hill starting at the parking lot in Portola Valley and ending at the summit overlooking Skyline Blvd.

Guess what.  It's frigging windy and it certainly is a hill.  And where were the men!  Oh I know, biking.  I met a lot of families and dogs.  And then, the runner came.  OMG.  I think I began panting, and no doubt, drooled a bit, as his lovely chiseled body sprinted past me.   Talk about fireworks.... For a minute, I forgot about the wind, being sweaty, feeling grimy from the dust and missing biking with my friends on this holiday.  I find walking hard.  I managed to do 5.6 miles in 2 hours.