Saturday, November 12, 2016

Livermore to Patterson Pass

Somewhere on Tesla Road doing club ride from Livermore to Patterson Pass (a 45 mile route).  OMG people, I loved every bit of this incredibly scenic ride.

After the gentle climb up Tesla, we were greeted with 16 miles of descent along Corral Hollow Road.  Every turn was breathtaking.  I have a million zillion photos.  I loved that we were on the same road for 25 miles.  

Crossing 580 on the way to Tracy for a lunch break; neat to be so close to the water aqueduct.

Starting Patterson Pass. It was freaking stunning.  Again, the grade was not too bad until the summit.

A perfect weather day.  Yay for alternative energy sources.

Not sure that I mentioned the stunning landscape.  On and on.  Every minute a joy. Must do again.

Just the Stats:

45 miles
32 mph descent
11.5 avg mph
3 hr. 51 min.