Saturday, January 25, 2014

Where's the Water?

Another warm day, blue skies, wonderful for cycling, but, take a look at Chesbro Reservoir. 

Hello Moo.  Instead of Got Milk, we need Got Water!

View at Uvas reservoir.  Dry, dry, dry.  Our state needs rain.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Road Trip

Last week, I was in Virginia during its arctic blast (one day it was 4 degrees F).  Yesterday, I was in Sacramento with a quick stop in the evening in Davis for a delicious bowl of roasted butternut squash with sage.

Today, Miss P. and I dashed off together in my car, now that I have a bike rack, to do a Donny club ride that took us through the serene hills of Hollister, over to Highway 25 (Airline Hwy; and part of the LKHC Mega Monster Enduro route) and onward to the Pinnacles National Monument. 

Perfect day to tackle a metric century ride.  We should have worn our bathing suits!  Boy, it sure warmed up.  No wind either!  We saw the usual suspects:  wild turkeys, goats, horses, Mr. Bill on his yellow banana bike. 

I haven't done a long ride in ages and this ride tested my endurance.  Miss P. excelled.  Fabulous road trip!

Just the Stats:

65.84 miles
11.6 avg mph
5 hr 40 min.

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Hard on Ham - Happy 2014

Time to start the New Year riding Mt. Hamilton.

All the times I've done this ride, and as slow as I am, I've never noticed this sign near Grant Ranch.

I started with a bang but the oomph factor peetered out around mile 11.  I was annoyed by the caravan of Porches that drove too closely past cyclists including me and the traffic didn't help the air quality either. 

Lots of cyclists wished me a happy New Year.  I ran into Thomas!  And waved to Mr. Bill.

One guy flew by and said, "Go hard, Go hard."  That's right Mister, harder harder, that's what I like to say....

Lookey, a fire truck!  Unfortunately, the firemen were not there for my entertainment.  Yesterday, there was a fire started by a stolen vehicle.  Thanks to our firefighters, it was contained.  Here's the story

Here's a photo of some of the burn around mile 10.5.   There's a fireman in yellow.  I saw a fox walking around and that was a joyful sight.  Too bad I couldn't get his photo.  The BF had a good ride, making it to the top in 2 hours.  He was pleased.  I will go all the way next time. After all, the year's only just begun.