Saturday, June 27, 2015


Miss A. joined Donny's club ride today!  We rode together on Foothill to Moody Road but she was like a rabbit and I, more like a turtle crawling along.  I haven't climbed Moody or Page Mill Road in over a year, and boy did my thighs let me know.  Along the way, I saw hogs, a lone deer walking without fear in someone's yard, Ron B. from LKHC days, and I think Dick M. or someone who looked like him.  I also saw a mtn. biker crash coming down Page Mill.  Several of us stopped to make sure he was okay.  At W. Alpine Road, I lost interest in going to Pescadero despite the lure of freshly baked warm artichoke bread.  Ever have one of those days, or in my case, a week, of feeling distracted, listless, restless, moody, and slightly off.  So, I turned around.  Tomorrow is another day!

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Let's Talk About The Fries

Yesterday.  Del Puerto Canyon (from Sperry Road, in Patterson).  It starts out like this.  Stark, as though you're in a desert.  The Boyfriend and I were itching to do it even though we knew the day would turn hot and we'd probably be uncomfortable.  We've done it before and I love this ride.

Soon, the barren landscape gives away to a canyon of rock, river, and trees.  The river though did not flow due to the drought.  I was feeling mighty full of myself, pleased to go at what I considered a good pace for me.  Well, according to The BF, I was going "slow."  Hmm.  This is when my eyebrow arched, and you know, when a woman's eyebrow arches, you're in deep doo doo.  I fired him as my boyfriend.  I often do that. And let me tell you,  he's not going to get any tonight, eh....

He shot off.  I labored on as the heat began to take its toll on me.  I felt dizzy.  I had to get off the bike and walk a bit.  A motorcyclist, quite charming, stopped to check on me.  Hmm, take note Mr. Boyfriend.

I got back on the bike.  I climbed, I sweated, I tried my best and finally made it to The Junction Cafe.  The Boyfriend was finishing up OUR lunch, a ham and cheese sandwich with french fries.  The cafe has the best food!  He had left me 4 fries and a one bite of the sandwich.  Apparently I took forever to get to the cafe and he ate most of lunch.  Apparently he and I did not go to the same kindergarten where one learns to wait and not eat until everyone is seated at the table.  I, of course, fired him again as my boyfriend.

The BF, full of fries, went on to do the backside of Mt. Hamilton, despite the heat. Me, given, that I only had four little fries inside me, chose to return to Patterson.  Okay, I also ate an apple, a banana, and drank a coke that The BF bought me.  I also chatted with some Alto Velo guys.  I get around.....

Truth be told, I was exhausted by the heat.  I took it slowly returning to Patterson, stopping now and then to enjoy the scenery.  I encountered hundreds of white butterflies fluttering in the wind, and joining me as I sauntered on.  In Patterson, I drank more water, realizing that I hadn't peed despite 8 bottles of water and one coke.  I scraped off suntan lotion and salt that had caked on me.  I waited and waited for The Boyfriend.  Eventually, I decided to go looking for him, in case something had happened.  I found him about 5 miles short of our start location.  He looked a bit crazed, but, afterall, he'd done almost 85 miles in the heat.  Amazing.  I was so proud of him.  Of course, he also had a plate of french fries to get by whereas I, only had 4 meager ones....  One wonders if I had a full plate of french fries inside me, might I have done the backside of Mt Hamilton.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Behold Djerassi

Miss A. concerned about my alien fixation invited me (and two other bodies of the male persuasion) for a day of art therapy.  Where you ask?  The Djerassi Resident Artists Program on Bear Gulch Road.  We opted to do the director's tour but there are a number of events throughout the year, both free and paid to dazzle you.  OMG, I was blown away. 

Our tour directors, a married couple full of stories, along with a lively bunch of people, began the day in coastal fog.  This sculpture as Miss A. (she has done the tour multiple times throughout the years) pointed out has succumbed to the elements and now leans. Still spectacular.

Me, atop one of the works of art.  It truly was fascinating learning about Djerassi, his family, the artists, having this opportunity to explore the terrain, learning about how one lives in an isolated hillside, and your neighbor is Neil Young.   We were only shown some of the art that artists have left behind.

I recognize that this is not an alien egg.  Clearly, it is a dinosaur egg with cracks, indicating hatching is imminent.  People, we need to move on.

So whimsical.  So playful.  I loved it.  The entire excursion was delightful.  Supporting our artists even when we don't understand their vision is so critical to making our our world a better place.  Some more photos of the today's outing are available here.

Ah, lookey, our own Stonehenge.  Okay, that's my take and probably not what the artist intended.  I had a discussion with one of our companions, he and I were in agreement about what pleased us.  And that is truly the beauty of art, it is in the eye of the beholder.  Find the time to appreciate something beyond your everyday ordinary life, go out and see an artist program like Di Rosa or your local museum.  Enjoy.

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Heat and Water

Amazed that we still have water in our reservoirs.  Club ride today in the heat.  They were a fast bunch, much too fast for me.  But, if I'm going to sweat, I'd rather sweat outdoors doing a ride than indoors wilting.

Me, wilting outdoors.  Oh well.  The gang left me in the dust, so, most of the ride, I was on my own.  But I rather liked that.  Besides, gave me time to snap photos, look for aliens, and appreciate the scenery.  We started with headwinds that surprisingly were rather refreshing.  Cool breeze.

Again, a sight to behold.  Water in the reservoir.  The loop we did included Santa Teresa, Bailey, McKean, Uvas, Oak Glen, and more of Morgan Hill area.

Sycamore.  Loved it.  It was shaded, too.  By the time I caught up to the gang for lunch, they were ready to roll, so, I did, too.  I banged it the whole ride and felt pleased, doing 45 miles in 3 hr. 30 min.  No headwinds for once returning on Santa Teresa.  Boy, taking a shower afterwards felt wonderful, simply wonderful.

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Braving Alum Rock Park again

You may remember that sometime last year, on one of our hikes, we encountered, in my mind, an anaconda (otherwise known as a rattlesnake) that left us rattled.  Side note, last week, while The BF and I were eating at the junction cafe, a woman walked around proudly waving a headless rattler that she had killed.  Goodness.  Not sure what's worse, meeting a snake or, you know, an alien.  Where was I, oh yes, my friend and I finally returned to Alum Rock for a hike.

I am so not poking my head in there.... the park was pretty packed even at 9am in the morning.  But not with snakes or aliens, as far as I could tell.  Yay.

Lookey, a stairway to Paradise.  Time now for my nap.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Friday, June 5th

Guess where I am.  My first ever San Jose Giants game!  I can't wait.

Two men in orange await my entrance into the stadium.  Here I go....

A section of the Municipal Stadium.  Tonight was also fireworks night.  Imagine that, a game and fireworks.  I did look around carefully in the stands to make sure that no aliens were present.

Sitting in my seat behind home base watching the field getting prepped for the game. 

The team at their dugout.  Tonight they wore pink to support a Breast Cancer awareness campaign.  What a game.  Had to bring in two relief pitchers after three home runs in a row were scored by the other team.  Foul balls flew everywhere.  Some real nice plays as well, and lots of action, like one player who wasn't successful trying to steal a base.

Lookey, Gigante!  One season he was "voted Best Mascot in the California League during Minor League Baseball's Mascot Mania contest."  I didn't know what to expect besides watching all the action each inning.  Had no idea there'd be lots of entertainment.  We had stretch breaks dancing and jumping in our seats to music, kids announcing who was at bat, and more.

Like the two adults in the gigantic balls rolling down the field, just like my hamster Monster Pumpkin used to do many many years ago.  I have to figure out how I can get in one of those contraptions.  Dazzle me delighted.  Til the next game!