Monday, July 30, 2007


Sunday bike ride report:

Snapped a photo of San Jose from top of Sierra Road. I had to walk parts of Sierra but eventually I made it to the top where The Boyfriend was waiting and waiting....
Today's ride took us from Sierra Road to Calaveras Road and Reservoir, over to Sunol and Niles Canyon; about 48.5 miles. I averaged 11.5 mph and that number would have been higher had we not included Sierra Road. I found this cyclist's photo of Calaveras when it is green and included it in this post.

Also affecting our speed today -- the appearance of "chipping." Chipping, you ask, what's that? Ah, apparently, chipping is a British word and what we understand as gravel. You see, Calaveras was strewn with chipping, slowing down our speed. Okay, then, your inquiring mind wants to know: What is their term for paint chippings? Heck if I know.
Next weekend, we're off to do the Marin Century (though I'm doing the metric).

Monday, July 23, 2007

On and On

That's me taken a few years ago but it's the same outfit I wore Saturday as I biked around the Bay. The Bay always has a calming effect on me. I got to race a train while on the Bay, well sort of, and once again, on the way back. The Bay showed signs of a dry winter and there was a lot of yellow colored algae as well. I managed to do 25 miles in 2 hours.

Sunday, The Boyfriend was keen on doing Mt. Hamilton. Naturally I was keen on being lazy but I agreed to go even though I knew that I wouldn't make it to the top. The day was very clear, affording us views of Lick Observatory and of the valley. UC Observatories has wonderful hamcam shots.

Taking Stephen Bishop's song completely out of context but how I often feel when attempting Mt. Hamilton or Henry Coe:

On and on...
I just keep on trying
and I smile
when I feel like dying
On and on...

After 2 miles, my hair was soaked and I wanted to call it a day but I kept plugging away and I was rather pleased that I did 11 miles with an average of 7.1 mph before having to stop on account of the polka dots I kept seeing everywhere. Some people see stars when they're dizzy. I see pink and purple polka dots. As I waited for The Boyfriend to come down the mountain, I contemplated Aristotle's 19 syllogisms that I'm reading about in a book about logic and the human mind. Fascinating read but .... Naturally my mind drifted to the shirtless runner with the tattoo on his chest who smiled at me yesterday as I biked along Guadalupe River Trail. Then there was the ranger in uniform who opened a gate for me. I bet the writer of the book I'm reading would have a field day with me.

The Boyfriend was delayed a bit as he encountered some people who recognized him and wanted to take photos with him. Oh, the life of a celebrity.

The best part of the day -- the french fries, hot and salty from Johnny Rockets. I wish though that I had gone all the way because the prettiest part of Mt. Hamilton comes after those 11 miles. Another time when I feel I can go on and on.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Got Milk?

This morning, I woke up with an enormous desire for milk. Got milk? Oh I believe so, something like a half a gallon in my tummy, making me look several months pregnant. After satisfying myself in Dairyland, I hopped on the bike for my usual ride to Alviso (photo above). Not a particularly interesting tale to share other than it was quite windy and there was this construction worker who told me that I was looking good. Good thing he couldn't see my stomach with the Bay of Milk in it. Move over Fribourg cows, there's a new Swiss Miss in town.

Sunday, I met up with The Boyfriend who was ready to do another ride even though he had just done The Death Ride the day before. Incroyable, n'est-ce pas! We did the same route we did on the 4th of July: Sand Hill to Canada to Mtn. Home to Alpine to his place. 32.8 miles, my avg speed was 13.9 mph which is what I did last time and for me, decent. Best part of the ride? The firefighters in uniform seen later at Starbucks. Oh alright, I must focus and begin to get serious as The Boyfriend and I will be participating in the Marin Century, Tour de Max and Tour of Napa in August. By the way, The Boyfriend in cycling clothes makes my heart race.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Men with Muscles

The Boyfriend, another boy cyclist and I biked a loop including Hicks Road (North Side). A description from Western Wheelers:

Distance: 5.1 miles from Camden to Guadalupe Creek1.0 miles from Guadalupe Creek to Mt. Umunhum Rd.
Climbing: 420 feet from Camden to Guadalupe Creek (1.7% avg), 740 feet from Guadalupe Creek to Mt. Umunhum Rd. (14% avg)

My favorite line from the description: "This is tough...." No! Get out of town. You don't say. Actually, the Western Wheelers page is quite helpful.

Biking behind the boys, I had a good 5 miles or so to look at the back of their calves in action. What a nice distraction. Such definition shaped by years of marathon running and cycling. The Boyfriend has very nice thighs. Lovely bulges in all the right places. What can I say -- I have a hot Boyfriend who I adore. Except when he forgets the camera which he did once again.

The men shot off once we hit the beginning of the short but steep climb. I made it up though I did walk part of the way. I came across two deer in the road who darted off upon seeing me (I learned later that The Boyfriend and his friend saw them standing in the road as well).

Deer 1 to Deer 2: Oh my God, it's the chick with the 26 inch legs and puny muscles, run for the hills!

Next weekend I'm on my own (oh oh. Warning, warning, Danger! Danger! Will Robinson) as The Boyfriend is off to do the Death Ride. Boy, I'm sooooo envious. Not. Okay, a little bit. Hill climbs afford incredible views to see the world.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Feel my temperature rising

The Boyfriend and I did a 40 mile ride in the heat on the 4th of July. We rode on Sand Hill, Canada Road (photo -- lovely, isn't it), Mtn. Home, Portola, and Alpine. I managed to average 13.9 mph. It was too hot to bother flirting with anyone. It's too hot to bother with anymore content to this post as well. :)

p.s. The Boyfriend is hot.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Let x=x

I was biking along the Guadalupe River Trail (photo above) on the Specialized hybrid listening to music on my iPod Nano and on came Laurie Anderson's Let X=X. Great song. Great album. I was alone on this ride since The Boyfriend is away. I came upon the drop to the lower trail which is still rather rocky and made more for mountain bikes. I decided to go for it. And ha ha, Joan Jett (hottie!) played next on my nano as I descended and fiercely gripped the reins (I mean handlebars). Wheeeeee. I bounced. I attacked the road. You know how Stella found her groove? I've never seen the film but I like the phrase. Well, I felt like I had found my groove in mountain biking, if you can call it that since I'm on a hybrid and not a mountain bike on a really rough trail. Went mountain biking on slickrock trails with The Boyfriend awhile ago in Moab (see photo above) and took to it except the deep sand areas were a bit difficult. When I finally got back on paved road in Alviso, I shot off like a roadrunner going home. The smooth surface felt wonderful. Anyway I enjoyed my ride even though I saw no cute boys to flirt with; well, come to think of it, there was this shirtless man with his dog in Alviso....