Friday, December 24, 2010

You've Got Male

Me: Well hello there.
FedExMan: You opened the door before I rang your bell.
Me: I know the sound of a good looking man's footsteps.
FedExMan: Tha's some package.
Me: Clearly.
FedExMan: I hope they'll keep you warm.
Me: I'm always hot, Mister.
FedExMan: Um, clearly.

I like good customer service, don't you. I've been busy buying lots of shoes and eating chocolates given to me from people who know my fondness for certain pleasures.

Finally a dry day. The route:

Santa Teresa -->Bailey -->McKean -->Country View -->McKean -->Almaden --Coleman

I ran over a crushed beer bottle but the tank tires and I laughed, knowing a flat tire would not be on the horizon. Headwind on Santa Teresa gave me a workout. I averaged 12.8 mph by the time I reached Bailey and dropped to 11.8 after the tiny climb. The piece de resistance, though, after chocolate that is, was to see whether I could climb Country View, a hill I've strugged with on the old bike. I have many a hill to tackle with the new bike.

I've said it before but heck, why not again, I love the Specialized Ruby Elite Compaq with SRAM gears. I won't go so far as to say that it was la dee da going up Country View but it was darn close. I climbed at a speed of 3.4 - 4 mph through the developed part. While taking a photo, a mail truck passed and the mail man stopped for a chat. Alas, once again, I became distracted by all things male. So, I didn't bike the remaining barren land but next time.

Just the Stats:

21.57 miles
12 mph avg
28.5 mph descent
1 hr 46 min.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

It's All in the Family

If you ever wondered where it all started, then look no further ... my mom a year ago at age 74, swinging away in the jungle.
Meanwhile, the rain has forced me to ride indoors. Dull, it has made me dull.