Sunday, December 25, 2016

Continuing the Christmas Tradition

I'm not one for traditions but for whatever reason, I started going to Half Moon Bay every Christmas. 

This is the second year that Miss P. joined me.  She indulged my desire to explore a section of the coastal trail that I've been meaning to do forever.  She also drove and that was really nice.

I've always wanted to walk to the Ritz Carlton and this year, my wish was granted.

We walked and walked, sometimes on the cliffs, sometimes on the beach.  Parts of the beaches were not accessible because the tide had come in.  But, anywhere you find yourself in this area is simply stunning. 

We kept walking in the direction towards Pescadero, and at some point, moved a little ways inland.  We passed a farm where they are obviously breeding, wait wait for it, yes, aliens. Also known as Brussel sprouts.  It was a surprise and a delight.

Here I am, having survived the invasion of the body snatchers, also known as the aliens masked in Brussel Sprouts stalks.

We saw a rabbit dart across the path.  We saw a few humans, too. I'm still surprised we didn't see any aliens but I guess they have not hatched from the pods.  We saw some odd signs, one for instance mentioning if you didn't see the sheriff, then, leave a note.  Okey dokey.  We ended up walking 8 miles, an easy accomplishment when faced with breathtaking scenery.  Another splendid outing, peaceful and calming.  This is how I like spending Christmas.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Christmas in the Park in San Jose by Night

Visiting Christmas in the Park in San Jose at night brings a new experience than the one felt during the day.  The lights twinkle, the air is cold, the season bright, and it's very merry.  Year after year, I, and many others, return to visit a tradition.

He cracked me up because that is how I felt after a few drinks too many....

Let me tell you about the very long letter I deposited that was addressed to The Boyfriend .... I must say that The BF, returning from a trip to Finland, gave me 2 unique gifts that I liked very much.  He is redeemed for the moment.

Inside the Fairmont Hotel.

One of many trees that decorated the park.

Lights, trees, festive, a beautiful way to get in the spirit of the holiday.

Christmas in the Park in San Jose by Day

Time to get in the spirit of the holiday season by visiting Christmas in the Park in San Jose.

Goodness, that's a big tree.  I like things big.

Meanie Beanie makes his presence.

Santa!  We've felt an arctic blast all across the U.S. this week.


Visiting the gingerbread people.

Seen on the way home tonight, in my neighborhood, just had to toss him in.  He made me smile.  Happy Holidays.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Los Gatos Lights Up

I have always wanted to do this, so, when Miss. P. suggested we take advantage of the walk through Vasona Park in Los Gatos, to be up close, in the fresh air of a December evening, I was so there.

Immediately, there was the sense of, "It's beginning to look like..." and the sense of awe.

Our cameras only captured a fraction of the beauty.

It's beginning to look a lot like ...

Such joy, such beauty as we walked along the path, taking in the exhibits of light.

This was truly stunning.  We bathed in the light.

Me, happy as a clam.

These photos only capture a fraction of the beauty of the event along with being with a wonderful friend.