Sunday, April 20, 2008

Tierra Bella 2008

Bike Tour season begins for me with the Tierra Bella, a great event hosted by ACTC. The Boyfriend and I didn't do it last year due to rainy conditions. This year, while there was no rain, it was a mix of gray clouds, sunshine, winds and chilly temperatures.
Picture a dark morning, as in even the sky is still sleeping, that's how early it is ....
He: Rise and shine!
Me: mumbling obscenities under my breath
He: What's that you said -- you're looking forward to making me freshly brewed coffee.
Me: mumbling, "There must be 50 ways to bop off your lover" but one will do.
It was a cold windy start at Gavilan College in Gilroy. The Boyfriend and I soon went our separate ways as this year, the 100K was in reverse from previous years and the 100 mile also was a different route. Within minutes, my hands went numb. Throughout the course, my feet fell asleep and I had to stop and shake them to wake up. Of course it provided opportunity to flirt with men who found it amusing to see me wiggling my toes.
The photo above is me about an hour into the ride or 15 miles at Gilroy Hot Springs. Don't I look glamorous. At least I'm not blue. Some guy noticed the cat on my panties (Trashy Cat shorts) which meant he was looking at my tushy. I made sure The Boyfriend heard about that story.
At one point, my chain fell off and out of nowhere, SAG people showed up to wash my hands. They let me know they offered full service. I made sure The Boyfriend heard about that story. I tried to ride hard and fast for most of the day because I was cold and wanted to get it over with despite it being a lovely tour. Morgan Hill and Gilroy are scenic. There were lots of purple flowers en route along with cows, llamas and goats. I biked 65 miles in 5 hours with an average of 13 mph though I certainly hit close to 30mph on downhills and biked between 15-20 mph on flats. Iwas lucky to finish before the wind really picked up as it was pretty hard for the people doing the 100 mile.
Apple pie and icecream awaited us at the end and the food at the rest stops was good as well. Thank you ACTC volunteers for another great event. 31 years of it.
Leaving in separate cars, driving along the road where riders come in for the home stretch, The Boyfriend pulled over on the side of road.
Me: Why are we stopping?
He: You keep waving at me so I thought something was wrong.
Me: I'm waving and flirting at the boy cyclists finishing up.
He: Shaking his head and sighing. I want some coffee.
Me: Sure Mister, only if you're buying.

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