Sunday, June 8, 2008

Back from the Resort

What a week. First, the cats and I moved in with The Boyfriend temporarily while my home was being fumigated for termites. Cabbage bonded with The BF, seeing him as a boy toy to play with while Charlotte was unimpressed and uninterested. Once back home, I was off to Phoenix for a library conference being held at the Tapatio Cliffs Resort. Hey, we librarians know how to have a party, I mean, conference.

The photo above is the entrance to the resort. My suite was almost as large as my condo!

This is a shot of one of the many pools. We had a reception at a pool as well as a reception on another evening at the Phoenix Art Museum. I got to meet the CEO of my favorite library software company and hang out with him and some others for awhile at the museum. The museum is beautifully designed and its exhibits were quite enjoyable.

Me, at the airport on the way home, tired from the heat and contemplating all that I learned -- yes, I know that you're just dying to hear about NISO/ANSI standards, OpenURL and the future of electronic resources management.

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