Saturday, June 2, 2012

Alpaca Sighting

What a wonderful club outing I had today with the support of Donny, Joan and Miss P., plus 23 other cyclists.  The weather was perfect for our ride that included Buffalo, Croy, Redwood Retreat,  a somewhat steep 1.1 miles of Mt. Madonna (off Redwood), and sections of Gilroy and Morgan Hill. Miss P and I endured over 20 miles of headwinds on the return.  Let me tell you, headwinds are nothing compared to hot flashes and night sweats.  You got that right, Mister.  The Alpaca were lovely but I did not capture them as I wished.   They came up close to us and flirted wildly in a most adorable way.

Just the Stats:

68.29 miles
29 mph descent
11.5 mph avg
5 hr 55 min

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NadiaMac said...

I hear you on the hot flash/night sweat thing!