Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Stroll in Sierra

Yesterday, I managed to do 33 miles in 3 hours on a club ride out by Uvas Road.  Not bad for my 3rd outing on the road bike since the foot surgery.  Today, I did 3 miles in about 3 hours with friends, doing the Boccardo Trail Loop in the recently opened Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.  Above is the start of the trail.

We were joined by other hikers and hot looking mtn. bikers. 

Stunning views everywhere we went.  Did I mention the hot looking mtn. bikers....

Another stunning view.  It was warm and the hike was moderate to strenuous.  We were feeling the burn.  Everything seemed straight out of the opening scenes to Sound of Music.  We sang a few lines and broke out in laughter.  We also wished there was a butler to serve us refreshing cold drinks.

It was only 3 miles but it seemed to go on and on and we were wiped by the time we finished but really glad that this preserve is now available to enjoy.  I definitely need some hiking poles.  Many of the views afforded glimpses of Alum Rock Park and we could see a hike we did in the past, plus, we also saw Mt. Hamilton/Lick Observatory, parts of the bay and downtown San Jose.  We're definitely going back to do other trails.  We need rain especially if we want the hills to remain green.


NadiaMac said...

You are doing really well post-surgery! How is foot holding up with all if the activity? Hiking poles rock!

Alison Chaiken said...

I've not been impressed with hiking poles. If I concentrate on heel-striking when descending, my knees hold up reasonably well. Going uphill, the poles are just one more thing to carry. We could all walk around with crutches, too.