Sunday, October 25, 2015

LKHC Mill Creek Road

 (photo Bill Bushnell)

This week's LKHC event  was a new one for many of us, a beautiful Bay Area backroad -- Mill Creek Road, complete with a resident who has a helicopter.   Today's ride - a time trial.  Battling a cold that wouldn't die, I was determined to venture out because I couldn't pass up on the chance to explore a road not done before.  Guess who showed up as a volunteer, I know, I know, this will mean nothing to most of you, but, it was swell to see Howard again. If nothing else, I know how to look good....

Oh lookey, I appear to be racing and with a male cyclist.  Look at his face of pain.  Look at mine.  Clueless.  We were close to the finish line, a 4.34 mile time trial of rollers and a few steep pitches of 8 percent or so.  Everyone enjoyed themselves, the weather was perfect, the volunteers super but we did have a run in or two with local residents (can someone say sour puss).  Honestly, we behaved, we left no carbon foot print, but, alas, some people were disturbed by our presence.  Such drama is simply not called for especially given much more serious events in our world that demand our attention.

Meanwhile, how did I do?  First off, I was third to go in the time trial before a cast of hundreds.  Or as Miss J. says, "It's because you're social."  Ha ha, you crack me up.  Well, I didn't place last for once.  Get out of town, you say. And according to Dan the Man, I'm up there with most consistent and improved in overall rankings.  Again, not sure this is anything to be proud of, but, one thing for sure, I had a swell time. 

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Alison Chaiken said...

I've ridden that climb a lot when I work over in Fremont. It's low-traffic and scenic. I'm surprised that you had a run-in with residents. I suppose that different folks are home on the weekend.

Congrats on your fast result! My German is slowly improving. (Mein Deutsche sprache langsamer bessert!)