Saturday, June 4, 2016

All in One Ride

Miss P. suggested that we do the club's ride in Aptos given the heat wave we've been experiencing this past week.  Best decision ever.  We started at Cabrillo College at 8:30am with a nice cool marine layer. 

The ride was a fully supported 100K for our recent Academy graduates --"Twelve weeks of cycling instruction for adults who want to become competent cyclists."  So proud of them.  Much of the route was the Strawberry Fields Forever event in reverse.  Boy, did we see a lot of strawberry fields and so much more in just one ride. 
Ooh, I want one for Christmas.   They were about my height and only $149 each.  This was in Corralitos.  I was able to take my jacket off by this time but still kept my wool tights and arm warmers on. 

Also spotted in Corralitos.  Hmm, I am reminded of the UPS delivery man in downtown San Jose that I spotted twice this week.  I am in lust with the UPS man.  He's at least 6'5 and looks like a young Gregory Peck.  I must buy something, oh I know, the knights above, with the hope that the UPS man will deliver.

Our first rest stop on Browns Valley Road before taking off for Hazel Dell and Mt. Madonna Road over to Gizdich's for pie!

Just about to arrive at Gizdich's.  Miss P. was already there.  She was much faster than me the entire ride.

Oops, this may have been before pie was served.  It was a beautiful in the redwoods. 

Chugging away.  Passing through Elkhorn Slough. 

Omg, more strawberry fields.  On and on.  And then the headwinds kicked in on the way to the coast.  It was chilly and a struggle.  Already my memory has forgotten this portion.

But, we made it (well, Miss P was way ahead of me) to Manresa State Beach. 

Entering Seacliff.  Bit of a maze, turning here, turning there, avoiding hitting anyone, lots of smoke from barbecues, but warm and sunny again.  A Richard Gere lookalike caught my attention.  I think I caught his attention, too.

More of Seacliff.   Boy, this was a big ride for me but much appreciated that our club offered it.  We had it all -- redwoods, farms, beaches and nice nibbles at rest stops.  And we beat the heat being away from the Bay Area.  Miss P. wisely suggested that we return home via Soquel San Jose, Summit, Old Santa Cruz Highway to Hwy 17, thus avoiding CA 1 and most of Hwy 17.  Smart woman.  Great ride. 

Just the stats:

62.88 miles
11 avg mph
34.6 mph on a descent
5 hr. 32 min.

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