Saturday, April 22, 2017

Happy Earth Day

Been awhile since I've blogged.  Lots going on but no time to really write.  Today, I joined 5 others on a club ride that included Cienega to Pinnacles National Monument with a return on Airline Highway in Hollister.

There was a fair amount of traffic though not evident from this photo.  Ha ha.  There was a lot of climbing as well.  And boy did I feel it.

A little while into our ride, I thought we'd done 12 miles but turned out we'd only gone 7 miles.  I was done.  That's the weenie woman in me.  But I stuck it out, mostly riding with Lou.  Along the way, I met some other cyclists who chatted with me and said I was the "little engine that could."  Yep, that's me.  They tuckered out, stopping and starting, and then turned around but I kept going onwards to the Pinnacles.

The hills as you can see are still green.  I've done sections of this route in the past for the Low Key MegaMonster but everything looked so different in technicolor, you know.  It was spectacular. Every now and then, I'd catch a glimpse of poppies and wildflowers as well as cows.  Nice.   I rode alone the remaining 30 miles to our start location.  Given that my cycling has been sporadic this year, and with today's climbs and some wind, I was pleased that I did 65 miles in 6 hr. 24 min.  I'm ready for the next club ride!  Meanwhile, Happy Earth Day.  Please respect and cherish our environment.

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