Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Escort - Low-Key HillClimbs Week 2

The 2007 Low Key Hillclimbs began a week ago.
The Boyfriend and I showed up for this week's ride
up Kings Mountain. Here are the results and photos
(Thanks Ron).

That's me on the right next to Marie. It was
wonderful to see women I met from last year's

Yes, we (women) were awash in a sea of testosterone.
I had a cold and it was painful to do the ride. As I
approached the last mile, I threw up! Who knew
that I had the skill to be sick and stay on the bike.
Shortly after, this male cyclist came out
of nowhere and escorted me for about half a mile.
He told me that I only had a little ways to go and
that I'd make it and then he turned around and left.
I thought he was off to help Amy who was somewhere
behind me. She never saw him. And he wasn't part
of the group. Weird, huh! Thank you whoever you
are and wherever you are.

Of course I finished near the bottom. It's a given, okay.
But hey, I made the Team rankings!

Til the next time!

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