Sunday, October 28, 2007

Some commentary from A "Less Speedy Rider"

This week's Low-Key Hillclimb took us from the San Gregorio store on Hwy 84 and up West Old La Honda for a total of 14 miles and a relatively easy climb. The sky was blue, the air warm, the road lined with redwoods and the fields dotted with pumpkins. Simply put, a beautiful route to ride. There were a number of mishaps which resulted in people having to drop out early on. One man forgot his shoes, another guy's cable snapped and some other man's tire blew.

Dan suggested that "less speedy riders" might want to start first. My cue to go to the front of the line for the time trial.... see me in photo above.

I shot off expecting everyone, and I mean everyone to pass me. I harbor no illusions of grandeur. Sure a few guys overtook me quite quickly and easily but there were stretches when I was alone and felt like I was in the lead! Dream on, I know. I sped along on the flats going between 15-20 mph with a cadence of 86. Grand illusions began to loom on the horizon. Mighty Mouse! Wonder Woman! Faster than a speeding bullet! Was there a chance I might not finish last? Did I dare to dream!
I met The Boyfriend who was coming back down at around mile 13. I think he said something like, "Oh you made it or oh there you are...." Very funny, Mister. When I arrived at the top, after taking in the pretty scenery and lovely smell of earth and wood, there were cyclists standing about -- a rare sight and treat for me. Alas, as I later learned, the thrill of victory (or in my case not placing last) was short lived.

My personal trainer (that would be me) came up with a few possible reasons (aka excuses) for being a "less speedy rider":

1. I don't eat red meat?
2. I lost time waving to other cyclists and cows?
3. If I had legs like men, I wouldn't look hot in high heels
4. I don't wear those helmets that make one look like one belongs on the set of the movie Alien

Once again, a well organized and fun event thanks to the volunteers and participants. Thank you Ron for taking fantastic photos and video of this climb.

If I may borrow the category name of one of the female Western Wheelers: Slow but I think I'M fast. Thank you. As Arnold would say, "I'll be back."

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