Thursday, December 27, 2007

We'll Always Have Paris

The Boyfriend and I spent a week in Paris seeing the sights. Will leave out the mushy romantic stuff since that's just plain gross, like, while beneath the Eiffel Tower, he took her in his arms and .... puke, you know to hear. The last time I saw Paris was in the late '80s. Still didn't get up the Eiffel Tower but I did go up the one in Las Vegas awhile ago. I still find it, the real one I mean, to be prettier from afar. Versailles was a bit of a disappointment mainly due to the fact that there was Catapillar equipment scattered in the courtyard. Hmm, for some reason, bulldozers and the Sun King just don't go together. Below are photos of The Louvre and the Palais Royal.

Oh, on the way to London, The Boyfriend sat in business while I flirted in economy. Come fly with me. At Charles de Gaulle airport, there was a suspicious package and the army guys came with their AK47s along with the bomb squad. They blew it up. Boy what a loud noise. At Heathrow, a pretty young thing was frisked much to the delight of male passengers in line, including The Boyfriend. On the way home, we had one of those captains who takes long pauses while he speaks. He came on the air and said in a baritone voice, "This is your Captain. [pregnant pause]. I need to tell you something [pregnant pause while I'm thinking, "Oh my God, we're going down"]. And then he'd said something innocuous. Aghhhh.

We'll always have Paris and coffee on par with that we had in Italy along with darn fine curry at the Indian restaurant near Heathrow.

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