Thursday, January 3, 2008

Biking Mt. Hamilton - A New Year's Day Tradition

Once again, I found myself on New Year's Day facing a ride up Mt. Hamilton along with The Boyfriend and some other notable Silicon Valley people, and a bunch of Western Wheelers (including the super cyclist James Porter) as well as countless others.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw the shirtless man on a bike. There must be a story there! He wished me a Happy New Year.

The day was warmish but not warm enough for Weenie Woman. After mile 5, I turned around and explored the suburbs of Alum Rock. I don't know why Mt. Hamilton eludes me (though I did get up it once). I've made it up Mt. Ventoux (on a trip with The Boyfriend - Graham Baxter tours). Sitting atop The Boyfriend's batmobile (aka his car), listening to music on my iPod Nano, I cheered on cyclists as they returned to the parking area. Mostly men. I didn't mind. Lovely scenery.

Mt. Hamilton and Sierra Road are part of the Amgen Tour of California route (Stage 3). I watched last year on the sidelines in downtown San Jose with my budette Lorraine from the library. It was very exciting and we look forward to it again this year.

Perhaps in this new year, I will shed my weenie wings....

Note: Photo borrowed from Ron's flickr album, main photographer for Low Key Hillclimbs.

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