Friday, January 4, 2008

Stormy Weather

"Keeps raining all the time." Won't be seeing much of the world this weekend due a severe weather alert for the Bay Area. I share a few photos taken in September 2006 of the climb up Mt. Ventoux also known as the Giant of Provence.

The photo above is the last stretch before you reach the top. A Frenchman on the road gave me a shove on my tushy and that was enough to motivate me for a stretch! A short while later, I heard the sounds of our touring group above cheering me on. It was an emotional moment.

The photo above captures the descent. The starkness at the top contrasts sharply with the start of the ride -- a flat dull beginning that gives way to lush woods leading eventually to a somewhat lunar scenery. Our Mt. Hamilton though has its own beauty and I look forward to seeing how the cyclists in the Amgen Tour of California handle it.

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