Saturday, March 8, 2008

Spring Forward

After the rains, comes Spring. I finally fired up the bikes and took a spin last weekend, first with my friend Pat and a few strangers strolling up Highway 9 in Saratoga and along Skyline to Page Mill Road. The next day was spent with The Boyfriend going along Sand Hill Road and Canada Road. He was rather impressed with my speed on Canada after a lame start. Of course, I was slowed down by the many men who said hello to me and to which I felt obliged to respond.

Today, while The Boyfriend is away on a business trip, I returned to my beloved Alviso. More photos available from this webpage. The Guadalupe Trail is mostly complete now. When I arrived in Alviso, a train was passing and the driver blew his horn as he passed me. I went choo choo back to him, like he heard. On my ride, I saw a meadow of yellow flowers and pink ones that dotted the slopes of the river. On the path around the Bay, tiny white birds stood erect along the black sandy shores. On my return into Alviso, I came across a giant lightbulb in the yard of someone's house, at least 4 feet long, I kid you not. This is why I love Alviso -- for its surprises in a sleepy town in the middle of nowhere.

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