Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tour of California Stage 3

While The Boyfriend was stationed at the top of Sierra Road enjoying his view and the excitement of the 2008 Amgen Tour of California Stage 3, Lorraine and I were getting ours, up close and personal, in our cozy cubicles. Need I say more.... Thank you Adobe (my former employer) TourTracker for providing us with nonstop video and audio feed of the tour and of course the camera persons. The two guys covering the tour are fabulous as well. Lorraine and I remained and will remain glued to our computers except for restroom breaks and library related crises.
From the start of today's stage out of Modesto, it was nonstop action and breaktaking scenery. The aerial shots of Mt. Hamilton and Sierra Road were spectacular. Lorraine, a noncyclist, got it that the climbs were difficult. These guys make it look effortless as they glide gracefully like ballerinas in a beautifully orchestrated movement of precision and inner strength. It is a joy to watch.
Once the cyclists began their descent from Sierra Road, we walked over to the finish area near City Hall in downtown San Jose. We positioned ourselves at 2nd Street so we could watch them come along the corner and stream down to the finish. First the two leads came and then several batches and next, individuals alone and then, a lovely small peleton in a sweet formation and lastly, the few remaining souls. The crowd cheered for each and every rider and we hope they know that. Unlike last year when they came flying through in a blur, this year, they seemed a bit slower (caution, we're still talking soaring speeds) and we were able to distinguish who was who; clearly the addition of Mt. Hamilton had an effect on this year's route.
We salute the cyclists in today's arduous journey and look forward to the remaining stages. We hope the pros know that they have brightened our day and we're glad they're here in California.
Tomorrow is another day and we'll be right there with you.

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