Saturday, February 14, 2009

KOM and Me

Me bundled up before setting off to meet the King of the Mountain (KOM) cyclists at the base of Sierra Road. It was chilly, around 45 degrees but no rain, so, I dashed off to cheer them, blow kisses, wave, and wish them a Happy Valentine's Day. Well, that was the plan.... The policeman at Sierra Road informed me that I had missed the riders by a long shot. Sigh.

While there was snow atop nearby Mt. Hamilton, the hills have turned green from the recent rain and the trees are flowering. Today is the start of The Amgen Tour of California (in Sacramento)! Come Tuesday, they'll be in downtown San Jose and heading off to Sierra Road and onwards to Modesto. I'll be there in downtown SJ to capture it all. Below are some scenic photos of the area that they will travel as they make their way towards Modesto.

Somewhere on Piedmont.

A meadow of yellow green flowers while biking along Piedmont.

Piedmont and Calaveras. The Amgen TOC cyclists will come down Calaveras. Boy are they going to fly!

Intersection of Piedmont and Calaveras. By the way, last weekend, I scheduled a custom bike fitting (a big thanks to P for suggesting this). The guy at the bike shop looked at me and said, "I've been known to do wonders but in your case (a long drawn out sigh)...." It was an eye opening experience for me and something I should have done quite some time ago. He marveled at the fact that I have catalogued (organized) the clothes in my walk in closet. Anyway, he adjusted this and that and me and well, tomorrow is another day for me to be someone else other than Weenie Woman.

Going up Calaveras a wee bit before turning around as the winds kicked in and the sky clouded up, threatening a rain storm. I leave you with this -- The Boyfriend is traveling on business but he sent me a dozen long stemmed roses and well, it left me feeling mushy not weenie....

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