Sunday, February 22, 2009

On a Mission

With a break in the weather, and Spring approaching (sort of) and bike tours down the road, I need to get serious about training (of course, define training when it comes to me). The Boyfriend and I did a 51.8 mile ride Saturday from Sierra Road into Sunol, Fremont and Milpitas, passing Mission San Jose, pictured above. The photo from Wikipedia Commons was taken in 1910. The Mission was founded in 1797.

I averaged 11.1 mph. Climbing Sierra Road, which took me about 55 minutes (walked some bits), caused my speed to plummet to 6 mph. The Boyfriend, who had to stop here and there for me, ended up with an average of 14 mph. He'll be pleased that this blog entry contains a few biking details.

Apparently, there was an earthquake in Sunol that we missed. Well, let me tell you, the Earth moved for me while I watched The Boyfriend pedal in his hot looking red cycling outfit. Go Speed Racer. Oops, a momentary lapse. Back to the bike ride -- it left me pooped. I need to get serious about training. Hmm, I suppose.

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