Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Bike Exhibit in Downtown San Jose

Me: I thought I'd dress like the poster above for this Sunday's Western Wheelers' Sequoia Century.
The BF: Sigh.
Me: What time do you plan to start?
The BF: 6am or so.
Me: Oh my God. I'll still be sleeping and dreaming of male cyclists, I mean sheep.
The BF: Sigh.

The poster is of Marilyn Monroe (1950s) and part of a wonderful exhibit called Bike Show: A Celebration of Cycle Art and Culture.

Stop by and check it out. It's on 4th Street between Santa Clara Street and E. San Fernando in downtown SJ. There's a parking garage on 4th street that is free on weekends before 6pm. Sunday, meters are free. The photo above is courtesy of Alex LaRieviere, Faber's Cyclery. There's lots to see and read in this free exhibit. Who knew that mountain biking had some of its roots in San Jose not Marin.

This photo is of S. First Street (1890) and courtesy of Sourisseau Academy, SJSU. See the show at San Jose City Hall’s City Windows Gallery on 4th Street. It's all behind glass and about a block long.

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