Sunday, May 31, 2009

A Day with the WnD

Yesterday, the Whine and Dine Group was supposed to start at 9am for a 100 mile ride along the backroads of Morgan Hill and Gilroy but we have a reputation to uphold. So, we didn't start on time, we changed the route several times, and we didn't do 100 miles. Plenty of whining and dining was had by all. And too much fun. But no wine tasting as we arrived too early at the winery. :) I'm sure The Boyfriend regrets that he did not join us. Not.

7 of us attempted the 1oo mile while 3 others did a 100K. The headwinds weren't as bad as we expected though we did get blown sideways on one stretch. We managed to do 87 miles and arrive before dark despite our whining and dining.
Just the stats:
87 miles
6.29 hours
13.4 avg. mph
28 mph max

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Alison Chaiken said...

Was this your longest ride thus far? Congrats! I've decided 100 miles is far enough one day and won't go further. Well, maybe 105, but no double centuries and no Death Ride for me.