Sunday, February 28, 2010

Back in Black

Check out Charlotte's bitchin' fangs. Inspires me to be a bitchin' cyclist. Not quite there yet. And I wore blue not black but I did alrighty today hanging with fellow ACTC cyclists. There were 15 of us -- we split up in groups of 3 to do or not do Black Road, Montevina, and Soda Springs, all off Bear Creek Road/Lexington Reservoir/Hwy 17. It was my first time biking Black Road and I did fine except having to stop to walk a bit at one point. It's about 5.3 miles, 1780 feet of climbing and 6-10% grade. S & P went on to do more climbing (clearly they're bitchin') but like AC always tells me, "Be happy" and I was until I got home and I felt the strain in my tushy. I shall refrain from bitching....

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