Sunday, March 14, 2010

Sunday in Sunol

Once in awhile, I let The Boyfriend off the leash and take him for a bike ride. Oh oh, I'm in trouble for sure. Today, we were blessed with better weather than in days past though it was still a bit on the nippy side. We decided to bike from Milpitas into Sunol and onward to Pleasanton and back.

The BF went up Sierra while I meandered down Piedmont to Calaveras where he caught up to me. What a cyclist! As we made our way on the rolling hills of Calaveras, we saw many other cyclists, often in pelaton formation. Pretty darn spectacular.

The ride was from Ray Hosler's Bay Area Bike Rides (3rd edition) that I got from the library. We were wonderfully surprised by the beauty of Palomares, yet another climb. We met up with a Brit with beer. Yes, he was drinking a beer on his break. Don't know how he managed if he was doing our route given the rolling hills and descents.

After climbing into a bit of Dublin and then onto Foothill Blvd (it parallels 680) in Pleasanton, we once again found ourselves in Sunol just as a train was preparing to leave. Damn fine looking cyclist near the tracks. We were both running out of gas at this point. Luckily there was a general store in Sunol. The BF went inside to find me goodies. He scored some brownie points. Meanwhile, as you know, here it comes .... there were these two motorcyclists sitting on the porch.

Motorcyclist 1: Well, aren't you a cutie.
Me: I know.
Motorcyclist 2: You've torn your pants.
Me: No [showing them my exposed thigh and leggings beneath my bike shorts]
Motorcyclist 1: She's wearing thigh highs! My kind of woman.
Motorcyclist 2: No no, they're leggings for cyclists.

These guys were a hoot and impressed with the distance we had gone. When The BF came out of the store, I explained that I was simply being an ambassador promoting cycling! He shook his head.

From 1981-1994, Bosco the dog was Mayor of Sunol. Who knew. Well, I was really running out of steam so the gallant BF met me in his car just before I made it back to Piedmont Avenue in Milpitas. What a man. And what a bike ride we had today.

Just the Stats:

66.67 miles (The studly BF rode 75 miles)
30.5 mph descent
11 mph avg.
6 hrs. 3 min.

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