Saturday, April 3, 2010

Hollister Here We Come

Earlier in the week, I sat in an electric massage chair getting a rub down, eating biscotti and a chocolate bar while waiting for my eye doctor to escort me to the laboratory with the experimental machines that test our eyeballs. Mind you, I declined the Jelly Belly jelly beans. Time though to exercise. Sigh.

Today, I sat on my bicycle, seeing the sights of Hollister and beyond with 14 other ACTC riders including A, S and P. The fun lovin' ever so sweet DA led the troops. Above you can just make out part of Cienega, the one sustained climb of the day. The rest of the route included rollers, flats and downhills.

We stopped to see the buffalo! There's a baby buffalo behind Mom Buf in the upper right top. Parts of the ride reminded me of biking in Solvang.

The Hole (booze and food as the sign says) in Tres Pinos. Bet it's a happening joint. In the distance is SG. Being rebels, SG and I broke away from the other cowboys and cowgirls and went our merry way. Okay, I was cold and having a slow day though it was not obvious to anyone that it was any slower than any other day for me. The weather began to change, turning grey and somewhat windy. We did half the ride. Still, a good workout.
Just the Stats:
32.17 miles
2 hr 30 min
28.5 mph on a descent
12.7 mph avg

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Alison Chaiken said...

My goodness, where are those buffalo? I never noticed them.