Thursday, April 1, 2010

Slacking Off

Sigh, I was into serious slacking off during my forced time off (furloughs) this week. I didn't intend to be a slacker. I planned to bike every day in preparation for the Tierra Bella and The Diablo Century later this month. And to motivate myself, I read "how to get ready for the race season" by the Fat Cyclist. Alas, the weather was too unstable for Her Weenieness.
But guess what I got to do! Something I've wanted to do for ages. Thanks to my super scientist friend, I went to SLAC for lunch! I want to go back for a tour. I want to go back and take the guard at the guard post home with me.
If Saturday's weather is better, there are some great ACTC riding opportunities to consider. Maybe the SLAC scientists can whip me up some high energy cosmic rays and turn me into a stellar cyclist. Reach for the stars!

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