Sunday, June 6, 2010

Snippets from the Sequoia Century

Context: Annual Western Wheelers Sequoia Century, a route that includes Redwood Gulch, Hwy 9, Skyline, Alpine, Pescadero, Stage Road, Tunitas Creek, Whiskey Hill and more. I was dripping in sweat for most of this hot hot weather day unlike last year's event. I did the metric (6000 ft of climbing). The Boyfriend, stud that he is, did the 100 miler (9000 ft). Team Spike was out in force as were other teams. And lots of guys in Death Ride shirts. Not me. I wore an ordinary jersey, just pretty in pink and well, you know, naturally I met lots of guys....

At the firestation rest stop (someone obviously knows my firemen fantasies), I ran into David from the Low Key Hill climbs! He was doing the 200K! Great to see him.

Me: David, I'm hot!
He: You're always hot.

My, there's a man I like ... knows instinctly how to butter a woman.

And then who should appear but The Boyfriend! My heart fluttered.

Me: I couldn't do the steepest part of Redwood Gulch. I met a man as I walked.
BF: You don't say.
Me: At first, I thought he was you with his Livestrong outfit. He was so handsome.
BF: Oh please.
Me: And I did an Aly McBeal number, you know, my tongue fell out, panting.
BF: Sigh.
Me: Lookey, firemen. How about we stop to say hello.
BF: Get on your bike and ride, woman.
Me: Yes, sir.

Alas, this was the last time I was to see my man.

There's a farm with horses and donkeys somewhere on Alpine. I got off my bike to pet the donkey. Well, this horse was completely enraged and came storming over, demanding that I pet him, too. The demands placed upon me to satisfy every living creature. It's exhausting. At the lunch stop, people came up to me and said, "Oh, the horse whisperer." I kid you not.

Lookey, they know I'm doing the ride! A sign just for me. At the lunch stop, I ran into Lisa, another Low Key Hillclimb participant and one hot woman! It was great to see her. The food and the volunteers were outstanding. Thank you Western Wheelers.

On Stage Road, the fog blew in. The Photocrazy photographer was at the top. He told me that I could turn around and get more shots if I'd like. What a guy! At The Bike Hut, I ran into Bill Bushnell and Janet Martinez. Oh my God, the divine Ms. M spoke to me and again on the Tunitas Creek climb! She's a babe. An inspiration.

While on Tunitas Creek, a nice looking fella (who I later learned last did the Low Key Hillclimbs 2 years ago), approached me and said, "I like your blog." I practically toppled over. A fan other than my mother.

What a day. Running into friends. Men cheering me on. Men flirting, I mean, talking to me. Seeing The Boyfriend. He makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Alas, I was 26 minutes slower than last year's time. I don't know if this is due to the warm weather, the hesitation in descending after my bike accident, being out of shape, or flirting too much..... In the end, who cares.

Just the stats:

67 miles
6 hrs. 26 min.
10.4 mph avg
30 mph descent

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