Saturday, August 7, 2010

Misty in Marin

I pleaded. I begged. I pouted. I jumped up and down on the hotel bed. I threw myself under a train. I tried to seduce The Boyfriend into submission, all to no avail, despite my shapely figure and shameful tactics. We started the Marin Century at 6:27am. It was barely light out! I was ready for my nap after riding a few minutes.

We last did this ride 2 years ago. My route, the 100K had changed, for the better. The BF, stud that he is, did the Mt. Tam 100M. We began in a thick and chilly marine layer that did not burn off until mile 45. I had to wear my arm warmers and jacket for most of the ride. The BF was rained upon in some forest.

Ah yes, back to the beginning. I got my revenge for the early start -- within a mile or so, The BF witnessed men already "chatting" with me.

Lookey, a giant marshmellow farm! How I wanted to roll in them and become all gooey and sticky. And meet the Jolly Green Giant and climb his stalk.

My entourage. Notice how happy they are. What can I say. I even had men in cars slowing down to chat with me. The BF shakes his head and sighs.

I love this ride despite finding the rollers to be more tiring than the Santa Cruz Mtns. Challenge. The descents would have been fabulous had it not been so darn cold.

I love the brie and figs served at rest stops. The cyclists were polite, calling out that they were passing.

Both of us banged it out the last 10 miles or so. The Boyfriend did about 9,000 feet of climbing to my 3,830. We'll be back another year, for sure. Thanks to all the volunteers, sponsors and police officers who make this a lovely ride.

Just the stats:

58 miles
29 mph max
13.2 mph avg
4 hrs 40 min riding time
(The BF finished an hour maybe after me!)

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