Saturday, August 28, 2010

Once Around the Lake

I took The Boyfriend out for a spin around Lexington Reservoir, giving him a treat --- climbing Soda Springs. He wasn't around last year to do the 5.35 mile climb (2368 feet) at 8.4% with fellow Low Key Hillclimbers. We also planned to do Black Road, another climb he hasn't done but I have with my buds S and P. We encountered wind and chilly temperatures and skipped Black. Once again, our strange summer.

The BF found the climb relentless. Me, just as with the LKHC event, I went up and up going la dee da la dee da. I don't know why but I find it an easy climb -- yet, the descent is tricky particularly this time as we biked in loose gravel. The road was recently repaved. And with my new Specialized Ruby, I felt as though I was on auto pilot.

The BF was so cold that he borrowed my arm warmers. Me, I was sweating it out thanks to another menopausal moment. I gave my saddle one last chance, breaking it in, you know, like I do with my men. Nope, will need to replace it, like I've done with many a man.

This is my last bike for awhile -- as some of you know, I am scheduled for surgery soon. I share with you a conversation I had with my doctor:

Me: Will you be using a big scapel or a little one?
Dr: Ha ha ha, for you, a power drill, honey.
Me: Will I have a big scar or a little scar?
Dr: You might consider changing your name to Frankenstein.

I probably won't be doing any of the Low Key Hillclimbs this year but I hope to be at some of the events taking photos! I am optimistic that I might get to do one or two rides. Anyway, I don't know that I'll be posting much for awhile ....

Just the Stats:

16 miles
27.5 max on descent
7 mph avg.
2 hr 15 min.

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