Sunday, February 13, 2011

Ham and Eggs

Monday, on Valentine's Day, the library is conducting a fire drill. Oh goody, that means hot firefighters will be in the vicinity. Oh oh, I already hear The Boyfriend telling me to focus.
Today, after I ate my egg, the two of us did Mt. Ham again, having done it last weekend. Once the morning fog burned off, the climb was quite pleasant and warm with deer sprinting about, cows in the meadow, and blossoms opening. Which reminds me, ham, ham, ham, oh yes, that actor John Hamm, yummy. Focus, The BF says.
Only a few cyclists took on the challenge of Mt. Hamilton today. I felt calm and strong as I climbed with the hope of shattering my LKHC time of 2 hr 44 min in 2009. Once again, I lost significant time the last few miles and finished at the top with a time of 2 hr 52 minutes; yet, I felt stronger than previous rides. I'm shooting for 2 hr 30 min. Hey, I can dream.
As for The Boyfriend, he did the backside of Hamilton (Mines) and met me at the top only 5 minutes after I arrived. Perhaps I should refer to him in future blog entries as The Stud. Both of us were unable to do Mega Monster Enduro this year but today's outing made up for that.

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